Mizzou's 44-Game Takeaway Streak, in Numbers

The 2013 football season is now over for Mizzou, and what a great season it was. Of the many great stories to come out of the season, one of the most omnipresent has been the consecutive games with a takeaway streak that Head Coach Gary Pinkel dutifully ignores as much as possible. As you may have heard, Mizzou is currently sitting at 44 games, with the record being Colorado's incredible 67 straight between 1974 and 1980.

The purpose of this post isn't to posit whether or not Mizzou will reach that record; there is too much distance and far too much dumb luck involved for that discussion to be particularly fruitful. However, I did want to go over the information I found when looking back on the streak, in case anyone else would find it interesting. If you do, great! If not, feel free to make fun of me in the comments. I figure most of you reading this are probably just jonesing for a little more Mizzou football before moving on to other sports.

The streak began with the 2010 Texas Tech game. Over the 44 games of the streak, Mizzou has gotten 89 takeaways, which is a hair over 2 per game. Over that same stretch, they have committed 63 turnovers (1.43/game). Of the 89, 41 have come via fumble recovery, and 48 by interception. Nine of the takeaways have been returned for touchdowns.

Here are some breakdowns of the streak by category:

Takeaways by quarter -

  • 1st - 17
  • 2nd - 27
  • 3rd - 22
  • 4th - 23

Takeaways by down -

  • 1st - 28
  • 2nd - 32
  • 3rd - 21
  • 4th - 2
  • Punt/Kickoff - 6

Number of takeaways in a game

  • 1 - 19
  • 2 - 9
  • 3 - 12
  • 4 - 4

Takeaways by scenario

  • When leading - 61
  • When trailing - 17
  • In a tie game - 11

Takeaways by field position

  • Mizzou side of the field - 40
  • Opponent's side of the field - 48
  • At the 50 - 1
  • In the red zone - 14
  • In a goal-to-go situation - 6
Takeaway advantages by game
  • Advantage Mizzou - 21
  • Even - 15
  • Advantage opponent - 8

List of players with takeaways (interception or fumble recovery), including total numbers
Aarion Penton (1), Andrew Gachkar (2), Andrew Wilson (2), Brad Madison (2), Braylon Webb (5), Carl Gettis (2), Darvin Ruise (3), Dominique Hamilton (2), Donovan Bonner (2), E.J. Gaines (12), Harold Brantley (1), Ian Simon (1), Jacquies Smith (3), Jared McGriff-Culver (2), Jarrell Harrison (3), Jasper Simmons (1), John Gibson (2), Kenji Jackson (3), Kenronte Walker (4), Kentrell Brothers (3), Kevin Rutland (1), Kip Edwards (6), Kony Ealy (2), Luke Lambert (3), Markus Golden (3), Matt Hoch (1), Matt White (1), Michael Sam (3), Randy Ponder (4), Robert Steeples (1), Shane Ray (2), Sheldon Richardson (2), Zaviar Gooden (6)

Finally, if you are interested in the raw data, I have saved it in a Google spreadsheet you are free to peruse. Simply click this sentence to check it out. I did neglect to note who caused fumbles, so I apologize to anyone looking for that information.

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