Missouri at the NFL Combine: How did the Tigers do?

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A look at how the seven Missouri players performed at this week's NFL Combine.

So I've been sitting on these links for a couple of days, just letting them compile and compile. But now that the trickle has stopped (or at least, it had until Steve Elkington hopped onto Twitter yesterday morning), let's read about how Missouri did at the NFL Combine. These are presented in semi-chronological order, with help from David Morrison's prolific, indispensable Twitter account.


Basically, Michael Sam's week played out as expected. He aced the interview as we knew he would. He looked stiff in speed drills, as we knew he would. And somebody shot their mouths off, like we knew they would. He didn't improve his stock, but since we he was already an assumed mid-round pick at best, I can't imagine he hurt his stock much either.

(As for the mouth-shooting, I don't really have anything prescient to say. Steve Elkington and Random Lobbyist Guy kind of spoke for themselves.)

KC Star: MU’s Michael Sam talks to reporters at NFL combine
KC Star: Missouri’s Michael Sam is eager for focus to be on football
Shutdown Corner: Missouri’s Michael Sam stands tall in meeting NFL media at scouting combine
Shutdown Corner: Michael Sam faced a barrage of questions … and many of them were awful
Shutdown Corner: NFL draft: Mizzou teammate says Michael Sam is ‘the toughest guy I know’
Shutdown Corner: Missouri’s Michael Sam stands tall in meeting NFL media at scouting combine
Sports on Earth (Mike Tanier): Michael Sam fights the NFL status quo at the combine
PowerMizzou: Combine Video: Michael Sam
Post-Dispatch (Bernie): One day, Michael Sam won't be a story
The Missourian: The rundown of the runaround: Michael Sam's senior season sacks
KC Star: Mizzou’s Sam gets put to the test at NFL Combine
NFL.com: What we learned: Takeaways from Monday at NFL combine
NFL.com: Missouri defensive end Michael Sam: 'Everyone has seen me as Michael Sam the player'
NFL.com (Mayock): Michael Sam is 'explosive' but can't be a linebacker
NFL.com: I am Michael Sam
NFL.com: How will combine struggles affect Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam?
NFL.com: Ozzie Newsome: Michael Sam issue tougher for media than NFL
Shutdown Corner: Golfer Steve Elkington jokes about NFL prospect Michael Sam throwing a handbag


It's funny to think about how running around some cones can make you a top-10 pick, but it's safe to say Kony Ealy did just that. And he basically aced the interviews exactly like Sam did.

PowerMizzou: Combine Video: Kony Ealy
The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Monday Combine Recap: Ealy masters the cones
KC Star: MU’s Ealy another Tiger drawing attention at NFL Combine
NFL.com: University of Missouri defensive end Kony Ealy runs the 40-yard dash


I get the impression that every NFL scout just assumed Henry Josey was wrecked for good after the knee injury and didn't pay attention to anything he did during the season. People seemed surprised when he blazed through the 40-meter dash .. as if he hadn't just spent a good portion of the 2013 season outrunning people. Regardless, I feel more confident about him getting drafted than I did a week ago.

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Sunday Combine Recap: Josey burns up the 40; Lucas and Washington get mixed results
Post-Dispatch: Mizzou's Josey helps his cause at NFL combine

Lucas and Washington

Marcus Lucas did better in the speed department than I expected, but I'm still under the assumption that he goes undrafted. Meanwhile, the odds of L'Damian Washington being taken late in the draft as a "fun little NFL project" probably improved a bit with his 40 time.

PowerMizzou: Combine Video: L'Damian Washington


Seems like Britt passed every test and aced none.

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Saturday Combine Recap: Sam meets the press, Britt goes through drills


I was really wanting to check out Gaines' 40 time. I have no idea if he's fast-fast or just plays fast. Regardless, we'll have to wait until Mizzou's pro day, I guess.

PowerMizzou: Combine Video: E.J. Gaines
KC Star: MU’s E.J. Gaines believes making big plays more important than being a big player

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