Mizzou Links, 4-11-14: On culture, red flags, and punishment

Jamie Squire

Dorial Green-Beckham should expect strong punishment, Zach Price is gone without playing a game, and in case this week hasn't been weird enough, chimps escape from the Kansas City Zoo.

1. DGB

The Trib: Police: No arrest in case involving Dorial Green-Beckham
KC Star: Columbia police say Missouri receiver Dorial Green-Beckham will not be arrested
Post-Dispatch: Mizzou receiver Green-Beckham avoids arrest but remains suspended
PowerMizzou: Price gone, no arrest for DGB

KC Star: String of incidents at Missouri puts athletic culture on trial

Look, this isn’t the worst thing in the world. As far as athletic-department problems go, North Carolina would probably trade its apparently deep-rooted academic scandal for a string of arrests.

Plus, in the big picture, the last year or so of Missouri sports has been wildly successful. Pinkel’s football team won 12 games and played for the Southeastern Conference championship with Green-Beckham catching 12 touchdowns over the course of the season. A massive facilities upgrade will transform Memorial Stadium and further support Mizzou in its transition to the tough SEC.

But this isn’t the way the Tigers want to do it.

Mizzou Network: ONE ON ONE: Mike Alden April 2014

I was prepared to hate Sam Mellinger's KC Star column and almost didn't read it -- I tend to get very insular and defensive when outsiders or relative outsiders jump in just to deliver harsh commentary, and I tend to focus mostly on those who follow the program on a day-to-day basis (sue me, I get to act like a fan sometimes) -- but in the end I thought it was okay. There were some choices of words I didn't really care for or agree with, but the overall point is one I liked: Mizzou does want to do things differently and does want to strive to both win and win with character. He finished by urging harsh punishment to DGB, but when it comes to punishment*, I do think the athletic department has earned the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. Zach Price was kicked off the team. Wes Clark was suspended for two games for the marijuana incident (his first offense). Sheldon Richardson was suspended before the most important game of 2012. The track record of punishment is solid, I think, and I assume DGB's punishment will be fair and tough. If it isn't, I reserve the right to take this paragraph back.

* Punishment aside, I'm open to a discussion about overall character and whether Mizzou's doing enough to make sure bad apples aren't entering the program. But since most of the people currently getting in trouble didn't have any noteworthy incidents or major red flags before coming to Columbia, I'm not sure that discussion will go anywhere.

2. Price

The Trib: Price dismissed from MU basketball team a week after arrests
Post-Dispatch: Haith kicks Price off Mizzou basketball team
KC Star: Missouri dismisses Zach Price from basketball team
The Missourian: Haith dismisses Zach Price from Missouri basketball team
KBIA Sports: Missouri basketball dismisses Zach Price

And now to happier links...

3. Happy profiles!

Gavin Otte
Mizzou Network: Gavin Otte Spring Feature

Anthony Sherrils
PowerMizzou: Bouncing back

A.J. Logan
PowerMizzou: Redshirt Report: A.J. Logan

Namon Wright
MUtigers.com: Future Tiger Namon Wright Named All-American

MUtigers.com: Gymnastics Participates In Local Mizzou Moves Event
Mizzou Network: INSIDE ACCESS: MU athletes volunteer for Mizzou Moves

4. #Stubble

MUtigers.com: No. 16 Mizzou Softball Hits the Road for No. 20 Auburn


The Missourian: Missouri baseball's Josh Lester aims to prove doubters wrong

Swimming & Diving
MUtigers.com: Sweeney, Three Tigers Earn SEC Honors

Women's Basketball
The Trib: Playing to Tigers' strengths, Pingeton plans to alter motion offense

The Missourian: Missouri gymnastics: Culture, not scores define 2014 season

MUtigers.com: Tennis Hosts Three Matches to Close Regular Season

Track & Field
MUtigers.com: Track & Field To Host Missouri Relays

Coaches Caravan
MUtigers.com: 2014 Coaches Caravan Events Set

6. Hope, uh, all is well in Kansas City

KMBC.com: Images: Chimpanzee escape at the Kansas City Zoo | It's Planet of the Apes!

7. Yeah, glad they got rid of the wedding scene

A wedding was implied, and ending with the end of the game was the right way to go.

Uproxx: 10 Fascinating Facts You Might Not Know About ‘Major League’

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