Mizzou Links, 4-22-14: Trent Hosick announces transfer, and other QB tidbits

Bill Carter

Trent Hosick decides to transfer, Chase Daniel attended the Black & Gold Game, Drew Lock lands in the Pressure Chamber, and other things that have nothing to do with the basketball coaching search.

And a happy birthday to The Beef, the best wartime consigliere in the business...

So the Internet went full-on stupid last night when it comes to the coaching search. As is customary, we'll have a standalone post about the search later this morning. Here's everything else happening in the Mizzou universe...

1. Hosick is transferring

This is in no way a surprise, but the timing isn't quite what I expected. Mizzou coaches had professed a desire to get Hosick on the field in one way or another this fall, and I'd have figured a transfer wouldn't come until next year after everybody figured out what that role would be. But in the end, when you have a stud sophomore starter, you're going to lose some backups who want to see the field at some point. I wish Hosick luck. He apparently just needed to be a couple of years younger.

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Backup QB Trent Hosick decides to transfer
Post-Dispatch: Mizzou backup QB Hosick plans to transfer
KC Star: MU quarterback Trent Hosick to transfer
The Missourian: Redshirted Hosick to transfer from Tigers
PowerMizzou: Hosick will transfer

The remaining roster
The Trib (Behind the Stripes): ROSTER RUNDOWN: Demographics on Missouri's 84 scholarship players

2. Speaking of quarterbacks...

Nice shades, Chase.

And speaking of 2015 recruits...
PowerMizzou: Tigers catch schedule break with Marquise Doherty

3. I laughed out loud at "Benedict Arnold"...

...and rolled my eyes at "DGB."

Reddit: Who is the biggest traitor to your program?

4. #stubble

MUtigers.com: Mizzou Softball Weekly Recap (April 21)
The Trib: Non-rev musings: Softball moves into tie for second in SEC


KBIA Sports: TV providers optimistic about negotiations with SEC Network


MUtigers.com: Tigers Set For Midweek Contests at Big League Ballparks

Men's Golf
MUtigers.com: NCAA Men's Golf Selection Show Set For May 5

MUtigers.com: On the Prowl: Bri Kulas Draft Special

Track & Field
MUtigers.com: Track & Field Spotlight: Coach Carjay Lyles


7. Fun read

Sports on Earth (Mike Tanier): In 1984, three hours changed NFL history.

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