Mizzou Links, 4-24-14: Torren Jones is awesome, and Baseball's had a good (mid)week

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Mizzou Baseball finishes a pro stadium sweep, Tori Finucane is smoking hot, Torren Jones talks about a certain job opening, and Quin Snyder's name pops up for a different job opening...

So ... over 3,000 comments yesterday, and the only news was that Mizzou probably isn't hiring Tim Floyd. Again, I must say I can't wait to see what happens when actual news comes around. But that's not important here; once again, here's your coaching search-free news zone.

Baseball's had itself a good (mid)week!

1. Braggin' rights!

MUtigers.com: Fairbanks Leads Mizzou to 5-2 Win Over Illinois
KBIA Sports: Tigers win rivalry game in St. Louis

2. #stubble

MUtigers.com: Finucane and No. 15 Mizzou Blank Missouri State, 5-0
The Trib: Finucane dazzles again in MU's win over Missouri State
The Missourian: Angela Randazzo's triple, home run help Missouri softball to victory
Finucane, Tigers shutout Missouri State |

3. Caravan!

The Trib: Talking Shop with Gary Pinkel, Torren Jones at Mizzou Caravan

Torren Jones

What's it feel like not having a head coach?

"It was a little in disarray at first, not having any authority. But we came together as a team and said we need to finish out the semester and finish out the year strong in the weight room and in the classroom."

Have you been told a timeframe for when the new coach will be hired?

"I haven't gotten a timeframe. I'm still as lost as everybody else."

What was your reaction when you first heard the news?

"Coach had called us individually and told us he was going to take the job. It was kind of disappointing, kind of hurtful because of the relationship, your ties and stuff like that. Losing your head coach, you don't know what they're going to do next. You don't know who they're going to have come in. It was just a little disappointing."

4. I'll just leave this here...

I'll say this much: the guy has certainly paid his dues at this point.


Track & Field
MUtigers.com: Peoples Starts Week with New School Record

Men's Golf
The Missourian: Missouri golf sends diverse lineup to SEC Championship

MUtigers.com: Cierra Gaytan-Leach Earns All-SEC Honors

6. Net neutrality :(

FCC proposal would destroy net neutrality | The Verge
FCC chairman says reports of net neutrality's death are 'flat out wrong' | The Verge

7. Tom Sawyer tops Huck Finn

The Most Famous Book Set in Each State | Mental Floss

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