Part 2 of MU BB connections - and Bill C preparing us for KA

To go along with BillC's post this morning preparing all of us for a possible Kim Anderson coaching tenure, and to address the statements about hiring a DII coach, and to finish the weird ties from part 1 of this post, I give you the following:

I realize that much of the info below is more "way past" history than "recent" history, but BillC is encouraging us to find the positives of a KA hiring - so I'm presenting some.

The big boy basketball schools of Kentucky, UCLA, North Carolina, and yes - kansas, have not only had some wildly successful seasons (we've talking National Championships, Final Fours, etc) with coaches from DII schools, they've all had this success with coaches from just ONE DII school. And this same individual DII school also provided coaches with varied success to Memphis St (to a national championship game appearance), Illinois, Washington, Kansas St, and UAB (during their NCAA tourney runs), Some of the toughest (nearly impossible) coaching assignments came from this group:

Joe B. Hall had to follow the immortal Adolf Rupp and still led Kentucky to multiple conference titles, Final 4 appearances, and a National Championship.

Gene Bartow had to follow a guy named Wooden and ended up with a better overall winning percentage at UCLA than the master himself, and led the Bruins to another Final 4 appearance before leaving to take on another huge task of CREATING the athletic program at UAB, where he continued his great BB coaching success - NIT appearance in 2nd year of existence, 7 straight NCAA appearances after that, including Sweet 16 & Elite 8 runs.

Out of simple principle, I will not document the successes of Phog Allen, but yes he coached at the same DII school as the above coaches prior to his DI successes.

So, to join BillC in offering some pretty significant positives to those that would dread a DII Kim Anderson taking over the helm, I present the above list of historical evidence to support the case that this could end up being a wildly successful hire. And for those who haven't figured it out yet, Joe B. Hall, Gene Bartow, Phog Allen, Tom Scott, Lynn Nance, and Jim Wooldridge all coached at the same DII school that currently employs (for now, at least) Kim Anderson.

Now are we getting excited?...a little more relieved?...incredibly annoyed?

To wrap up some of the weird ties from part I & part II of these posts:

Gene Bartow is from the same small Missouri county that was home for Norm Stewart...and for Sam Walton (see part I).

Bill Laurie played for Gene Bartow on the 1973 Memphis St basketball team that made it to the national championship game. Memphis lost that game to Wooden's UCLA team. As mentioned, Bartow went on to replace Wooden. This was also the game where Bill Walton (not part of the Walmart family) "went off" with 21-22 shooting, 44 points, and 13 rebounds.

Joe B. Hall's statue at Kentucky was created by J. Brett Grill of Columbia MO.

Audie Walton also contributed to the Track & Soccer facility at MU that bears her name (see part 1).

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