Stoic, Poise, Confident, Down-to-Earth

Stoic, poise, confident, down-to-earth.

Kim Anderson showed that in yesterday’s press conference. You all know about him. Mizzou made, 58 years of age, Norm Stewart, etc. He seems ready to take the job and take it to the next level. Quin Snyder had high hopes, but started the era of "death". Mike Anderson had them back on the rebuild and showed who the boss is in 2009, then his dream job came up. Frank Haith’s faith dwindled after year one.

So what makes Kim Anderson so different then these men? He said it in the press conference, "Hard-nosed, good defense, efficient offensively, fundamentally sound…"

I have never heard that from those coaches as I did with Kim Anderson. Hearing it on the radio gave me goose bumps. He answered all the questions to his best of his abilities and wasn’t dodgy like Haith in his interviews. He is ready to show the borderline Mizzou fans, the SEC, and Division-I basketball that we are here to play for championships and academic success. He wants the core values of success to turn into achievements, on and off the court. He wants it, the MIZZOU way.

Now, the University of Missouri is in a bind between the fans. Was this hire, the right hire? Many writers and experts have weighted the pros and cons on Kim Anderson which he cited in the press conference. Age, recruiting, staff, and Division-I experience. He answered with laughs and honesty (which we haven’t seen in a while). To me, Age does not matter to a certain point; Recruiting is key, and has shown it a bit; He will have a stable core of staff which will come from the old regimes from both schools and possible new members; Division-I experience is tricky. He has played and was an assistant coach with Norm Stewart, but beside that he will a new comer. His answer to the question about that was almost like philosophy’s inductive argument.

With the fans, was this hire for the fan base or to win? Many borderline fans and some true fans believe that is hire was for the Mizzou faithful only. Some argued that they should have hired Ben Howland or some up and coming coaches from lower D-I schools. Howland does have a resume that would demolish Anderson’s. Many final four appearances and knows how to build and rebuild programs. His last years at UCLA, he didn’t do well in the tournament, also had some NCAA trouble, which Mizzou definitely does not need.

My Opinion is that Anderson does seem to be the right choice. I didn't know about him until near the end of February/early March. My friend, and son of Mizzou Basketball alum told me about him. I was skeptical at first, but listening to him, Anderson was better than any other before him. So why Kim Anderson? because other coaches would bring some of their baggage that Mizzou does not need; needed a coach that knows the Mizzou way; and someone that is down-to-earth and honest. He has a winning record, the know-how of DEFENSE, team basketball, fundamentals to the "T". He is very likable to everyone which will help to recruitment in the future.

We’ll be watching closely next season to praise and criticize on Kim Anderson on every game, point, and timeout. One minute hoping we got somebody else and next saying Anderson is the new Norm Stewart. Time will tell.

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