Mizzou Links, 6-4-14: The transfer "epidemic," the MLB Draft, and Video Game Kimmie

2018 NBA Champion Kim English - USA TODAY Sports

Taylor Gadbois' mother keeps fighting, the transfer epidemic isn't real, the MLB draft is approaching, eggs are delicious, and Kim English will evidently play a serious role in Cleveland's 2018 NBA title. So we have that to look forward to.

Sports can certainly make you bitter. Just under six weeks ago, Mizzou was taking two of three games from Florida in Gainesville as part of its late charge at an SEC title. Last night, Florida swept Alabama to win the Women's College World Series while Mizzou sat at home. Annoying.

But the good news, as it were, is that the softball tournament is over. That means it's time to donate for the Stubble Drive! The official ghtd36 Donate Now! post goes up later today. (And since we're talking softball, be sure to watch KOMU's piece on Taylor Gadbois and her mother.

1. No

AthleticScholarships.net (John Infante): Is College Basketball facing a transfer epidemic?

Transfers are kind of annoying, and there are more now than there used to be, but it's really hard for us to complain about them in one hand while screaming about how student-athletes have no rights in the other.

But while we're talking recruiting, here's a pretty decent piece from ESPN about how we can improve football recruiting. I agree with quite a bit of it.

And while we're talking football recruiting ... The Trib's David Morrison loves him some maps. Here's a fun one showing Mizzou's geographical roster breakdown.

(I'm going for pretty direct topic segues today, apparently. And while we're talking segues...)

2. Ball players in, ball players out

MLB Draft
Post-Dispatch: Howell's Graves aspires to become Mizzou's next pitching pro

2014 Baseball Signing Class
MUtigers.com: A look at the Mizzou Baseball signing class

3. Hey, Grandpa Mike

MUtigers.com: SEC Summer Summit with Commissioner Slive, June 8

4. 2018 NBA Champion Kim English

Congrats in advance, Kimmie!

SB Nation (Jon Bois): All is lost: In the series finale of NBA Y2K, we bear witness to the slow, miserable death of basketball

(Jon Bois is history's worst villain. And one of my favorites.)


MUtigers.com: STL Tiger Club and TSF Host 29th Annual John Kadlec Classic

Track & Field
MUtigers.com: Tiger Women Remain in Top 25 of National Rankings

MUtigers.com: Mizzou Tennis adds transfer Beatriz Machado Santos

Women's Basketball
MUtigers.com: Summer Spotlight: Brad Tregnago

6. Eggs

Michael Ruhlman is one of my favorite writers. He turns how-to manuals into something you read for fun. That's nearly impossible to do. And since we're basically a food blog that sometimes covers Mizzou sports, I should be pimping his work far more than I have.

Ruhlman.com: It Begins When You Make a Frittata

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