Build your Missouri basketball team

The Savitar

Yes, I'm stealing this idea from Twitter and Testudo Times. Sue me. It's fun.

Your mission is simple. You have $15. Choosing one player for each position, craft the best Mizzou starting five with the names below. Because I couldn't stop, I'm offering two one-dollar options at each position. (And at power forward, I'm offering three, since in the end Kleiza and Thomas were basically the same in terms of points and mediocre teams.) Because sizes were just too different back in, say, George Williams' or Norm Stewart's day, we're limiting this list to only players from 1970 to the present.

For background info on some of these players, do a Ctrl-F search here.

$5 Melvin Booker
Willie Smith
Derrick Chievous
Doug Smith
Steve Stipanovich
$4 Larry Drew
Anthony Peeler
Ricky Frazier
John Brown
Arthur Johnson
$3 Phil Pressey
Jon Sundvold
Kareem Rush
DeMarre Carroll
Kim Anderson
$2 Lee Coward
Marcus Denmon
Al Eberhard
Curtis Berry
Jevon Crudup
$1 Keyon Dooling
Brian Grawer
Rickey Paulding
Clarence Gilbert
Byron Irvin
Jim Kennedy
Kelly Thames
Linas Kleiza
Malcolm Thomas
Nathan Buntin
Greg Cavener

Share your selections in comments. Here are some of my favorite groupings.

  • The Best Team I Can Come Up With: Drew, Denmon, Frazier, Brown, and Cavener. The back court would outrun everybody, and Brown and Cavener would grab every single missed shot on both ends.
  • Personal Favorites: Booker, Denmon, Rush, Thames, and AJ.
  • Mean As Hell: Booker, Gilbert, Eberhard, Brown, and Crudup with $1 leftover.
  • Do You Like Personality?: Pressey, Gilbert, Chievous, Berry, and AJ.
  • The Recency Effect: Pressey, Denmon, Rush, Carroll, and AJ.
  • All-Athlete: Dooling, Paulding, Frazier, Brown, and Stipo, I guess? Basically Dooling, Paulding, and anybody else.
  • Keyon and the '70s Crew: Dooling, W. Smith, Eberhard, Brown, and Anderson.
  • Marcus and the '80s Crew: Coward, Denmon, Chievous, D. Smith, and Cavener.
  • I Love the '90s: Booker, Peeler, Rush, Thames, and Crudup.
  • I Love the '00s: Pressey, Denmon, Rush, Carroll, and AJ.
  • Bad White Dudes: Grawer, Sundvold, Eberhard, Brown, and Stipo.
  • And with three extra dollars, you can actually just buy the 1979-80 team: Drew, Sundvold, Frazier, Berry, and Stipo.
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