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A Proposal for Bowl Season

With college football now just about two months away from kicking off its 2014 campaign, my thoughts in that regard have largely centered around the excitement that will come with the first ever...

How do Football Rivalries compare?

What could compare to the Border War?

Most important SEC football rivalries

Which SEC Football Rivalries are Most Important?


SEC Network & Basketball Scheduling

This post is in light of elpjuly4 and Bill C.'s pondering of future start times as it relates to the SEC Network, so I decided to run the numbers. SEC Network officials have been publicizing that...


Transfers and attendance in College Basketball

On Twitter yesterday, Dave Matter posed a question as to why Mizzou's Attendance was dropping, prompted by a Jon Solomon article about the SEC requesting assistance from ESPN on how to improve the...


Rethinking the 5 factors

Is there a better way to measure efficiency and explosiveness?


Mid-January Thoughts on College Basketball

Well, I'm back with a college basketball edition! I won't be posting this every week, but with the conference season four games in and as we learn more about our team and the season in hoops...


Championship Week Thoughts on College Football

Before I go into this week's ten thoughts, I think this will likely be my second to last installment of this column during football season. I will probably do a post bowl one, as well. It's...


A ROCK M CHRISTMAS CAROL: Choose Your Own Ending

And so now we come it at last, Dear Reader. Ebenezer Gaknar has been afforded a chance almost no one ever receives, but what will he do with that chance? Yes, he still has his visit with the Ghost...


A ROCK M CHRISTMAS CAROL (Installment Three)

With sleep now totally out of the question, Gaknar threw aside his bed curtains defiantly and marched into the adjacent parlor, ready to beat the next apparition back to life with a fireplace...


Examining The Exact Peak of All Things Missouri

Background - In 1962, during a 17-7 Missouri Football win over Arizona, highway patrolmen located Dr. Avery sitting in the stands of Faurot Field and escorted him 24 miles to a Catholic hospital in...


Ghosts of Thanksgivings Past

With MU’s gridiron success this season and the prospect of an SEC division-deciding game against A&M on Thanksgiving weekend, there understandably hasn't been much chatter about the big rivalry...

How important is starting 3-0?

Historically speaking, how important is starting 3-0 for Mizzou?


Les MIZZOUrables: Master of the Blog

MASTER OF THE BLOG BILL C. My band of geeks My den of downright dorks My bunch of sad sacks, my always pissed at storks. My fellow True Sons Spend their workdays on my site Getting paid for God...

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