Today's version of "Recent Google Seaches That Led Visitors to RMN"

  1. jackie chan end 2 video gif
  2. building that looks like small eggs
  3. get drunk make bad decisions
  4. intimidation cake
  5. bruce pearl sweats

Recent searches that led visitors to RMN

  1. moby wrap
  2. grim reaper tattoo art by hot rodd
  3. marla schweisberger
  4. we're not worthy
  5. pittsburg quarterback wife abuse

A Few Thoughts, From A Fan Of Rock M Nation

  1. I have always, and will always, enjoy reading this blog--less so lately, but hopefully more so in the future.
  2. My feelings of anger at Mizzou (the school) don't change #1 at all.
  3. I miss the joking around and such that used to cross-pollinate between BOTC and RMN.
  4. It's hard to believe the school that used to be my second-favorite conference school just tossed away 100 years.
  5. Though I'll never actively cheer for Mizzou again, a part of me won't mind when you all win, because I know that people on this blog will be happy.

completely ot- recommendations for grill/smoker combo

  1. i'm in the market for a new grill w/ smoker capabilities. anybody got a good recommendation? thanks.

Sources: Big IX will extend invitations to three of the following:

  1. Faber College
  2. Harrison University
  3. Coolidge College
  4. South Hampton Institute of Technology
  5. South Central Louisiana State University

Historic Mizzou Logos...I need these for a feature...

  1. "tailed M" (Like on the banner)
  2. Simple M (ditto)
  3. Leaping Tiger (put in)
  4. Any Mizzou logo that relates to sports
  5. any historical university logo

Recent search terms that led visitors to RMN

  1. current photo bob dylan
  2. how many titles the rock wins
  3. know your guns
  4. mike anderson scuba death
  5. he's going with the long tongs

Ranking the coaches considered today based on Youtube video

  1. Matt Painter
  2. Brian Gregory
  3. Gregg Marshall
  4. Scott Sutton
  5. Cuonzo Martin (not considered today but oh well)

Recent searches that led visitors to RMN

  1. chip kelly gordon bombay
  2. tattoo finger
  3. meh.
  4. jevon crudup girlfriend
  5. i'm here to annoy you


  1. They stole our BCS game
  2. They cheated to upset our undefeated season in 1960
  3. Don Fambrough will die a bitter old man
  4. It's the Border War... shove your PC "Showdown"
  5. Blil Self wears a rug
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