The Greatest

Homecoming has defined Pinkel era

In most years during the Gary Pinkel, the Homecoming game has defined the season as a whole. It will do so again, one way or another, on Saturday against South Carolina.


Rock M Nation spent much of this summer running down the list of "Mizzou Greats" But have you seen the list of Mizzou Grates?

The Greatest, #14: Danario 2009

It really might be the greatest season we've ever seen from an individual Mizzou athlete not named Ben Askren.

The Greatest, #15: 2007

Even our ridiculously optimistic, we're-fans-after-all predictions weren't optimistic enough.

The Greatest, #16: Christian Cantwell

He is Missouri through and through, and he is one of Mizzou's greatest ... even if we never got to watch him cave in the middle of an offensive line.

The Greatest, #17: One State, One Spirit

Something that fills you with this much emotion, with this much pride in your school, absolutely must be on a list like this.

The Greatest, #18: Chelsea

C’mon … of course Chelsea Thomas is #18 on our list. Did you really think she was going to end up anywhere else?

The Greatest, #19: MU-NU 1978

On a chilly field in Lincoln, Mizzou took on a great team (perhaps the best team in the country) playing its best and won.

The Greatest, #21-20: Doug Smith & MU-KU '90

At first glance, he looked like he couldn't possibly have complete control of his body; at second glance, he was jogging back down the court after scoring on you in one of about 10 different ways.

The Greatest, #22: 1965 Indoor Track

Tom Botts' squad ran, threw, and jumped to the national title.


The Greatest, #23: Roger Wehrli

Wehrli moved almost effortlessly through a crowded backfield to defend a pass, or through a hectic open field with a football cradled under his arm, eating up ground with a long-legged stride that didn't even look fast . . . but it was.

The Greatest, #25-24: Homecoming and McGaffie

One play set the stage for No. 1 to fall. (And yes, this was originally ranked a little bit higher. We just couldn't wait to talk about it, is all.)

The Greatest, #27-26: Willie and his last game

"The most explosive player ever to wear the uniform."

The Greatest, #28: 1922 hoops

Rightful owners of a banner that hangs two hours west.

The Greatest, #29: Hi Simmons

A national champion, a legacy, and a heck of a football assistant to boot.

The Greatest, #30: Norm Stewart (athlete)

He would score 25 points in a game in February, then pitch a shutout in April. He was one of Mizzou's greatest before he ever even got into coaching.

The Greatest, #31: Pitchin' Paul

He had talent, looks, charisma, and a top-notch nickname. Pitchin' Paul Christman was Mizzou's first star quarterback.

The Greatest, #32: John Brown

A fighter, a tenacious rebounder, a program savior, and, at the time, the program's best ever scorer.

The Greatest, #33: Priday's Friday

Perhaps the best single-game performance by any Mizzou player, in any sport.

The Greatest, #34: Derrick Chievous

The Band-Aid Man was one of a kind.

The Greatest, #35: Anthony Peeler

Let's put it this way: Michael Atchison used the word "sinister" just once in True Sons to describe a Missouri player's actions on the basketball court. He used it to describe Anthony Peeler dunking the ball.

The Greatest, #36: Mizzou 1969

Having never tasted of perfection, I am happy to remember the taste of near perfection.

The Greatest, #37: Johnny Roland

One of the best Missouri running backs and defensive backs of all-time in an era when players didn't actually play both ways.

The Greatest, #39-38: MU & Denmon vs. KU (2012)

"When the hour was turning late/And the game was on the line/The Tigers needed more than eight/So he simply gave them nine."

The Greatest, #42-40: Buzzer Beaters

Sometimes you don't need words.

The Greatest, #43: Mizzou-Bama 1975

Alabama had not lost a regular season game in two years. But the Tide never had a chance that Monday night in Birmingham.

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