Mizzou Basketball 09-10

Big 12 Basketball in 2010-11 (UPDATED)


Basketball projections for the 2010-11 Big 12 season. Top teams: Kansas (projected record: 14-2), Kansas State (13-3) and MissourI (13-3).

Welcome to Jimmy Sexton's World


A look at Mike Anderson and how his consideration of the Oregon job might (but shouldn't) affect his relationship but Missouri fans.

Ricardo Ratliffe, Matt Pressey, and Updated Big 12 Projections


A look at updated 2010-11 Big 12 basketball projections and the potential impact of two new Missouri commitments, JUCOs Matt Pressey and Ricardo Ratliffe.

UPDATED Big 12 Basketball Projections


Updated Big 12 basketball projections for 2009-10, taking into account recent news regarding pro declarations and transfers.

2009-10 Season Wrap-up (Part Ten): The Big 12 North in 2010-11


A preview of the Big 12 North in basketball for 2010-11. Kansas, Kansas State and Missouri could all take steps forward.

2009-10 Season Wrap-up (Part Nine): The Big 12 South in 2010-11


A preview of the Big 12 South basketball teams for 2010-11. Texas and Oklahoma State lose a lot of statistical production, while Baylor and Oklahoma are still up in the air and Texas Tech returns...

2009-10 Season Wrap-up (Part Eight): Homework


Homework assignments for all of Missouri's returning (and incoming) basketball players in 2010-11.

2009-10 Season Wrap-up (Part Seven): Mike Anderson vs Nolan Richardson


A comparison of the careers of Arkansas' Nolan Richardson and his protege, Missouri's Mike Anderson, roughly a decade into their respective head coaching careers.

NCAA Postseason Underachievers and Overachievers


A look at this postseason's college basketball overachievers and underachievers. The ACC and Big 12 fared relatively well, while the Big East was terrible.

2009-10 Season Wrap-up (Part Six): What Mattered Most?


A look at the differences in statistics in Missouri's wins and losses, and what it might say about next season.

2009-10 Season Wrap-up (Part Five): Final Doppelgangers - The Backup Bigs (and Sutton)


A look at Missouri backups Steve Moore, John Underwood, Tyler Stone and Jarrett Sutton, who they compare to in Mizzou history, and what can be expected from them in the future.

2009-10 Season Wrap-up (Part Four): More Doppelgangers - The Distributors


A look at Missouri's returning point guards -- Mike Dixon and Miguel Paul -- in 2010-11.

2009-10 Season Wrap-up (Part Three): More Doppelgangers - The Scorers


A look at Missouri's two best scorers -- Kim English and Marcus Denmon, their similarities to previous Mizzou players, and what to expect from them next season.

2009-10 Season Wrap-up (Part Two): The Player Stats & Style Doppelgangers


A beginning look at the player stats for the Missouri basketball team in 2009-10. Focus goes primarily to Laurence Bowers and Justin Safford, who produced similar numbers this season despite...

2009-10 Season Wrap-up (Part One): The Team Stats


A look at Missouri's season basketball statistics and how they compared with other recent Missouri basketball teams.

Study Hall: Mizzou vs WVU -- Not the way I wanted to lose.


A recap of yesterday's NCAA Tournament East Regional game between Missouri and West Virginia. West Virginia advanced to the Sweet 16 to face Washington.

Better Know An Opponent: West Virginia


Get to know Missouri's second-round opponent. It's Better Know An Opponent: West Virginia.

Know Your Round of 32 Rival: West Virginia


A preview of tomorrow's NCAA Tournament East Region second round game between 2-seed West Virginia and 10-seed Missouri.

Study Hall: Mizzou vs Clemson


A recap of yesterday's Mizzou-Clemson NCAA Tournament game. Mizzou's identity won out.

Basketball Live Thread: NCAA Tournament Friday Morning Session


Pre-Mizzou Game Schedule: 11:15am - West Virginia vs Morgan State (East)11:25am - Xavier vs Minnesota (West)11:30am - Temple vs Cornell (East) Let's chat it up! We should remind you that SB...

To the Seniors: Thanks


A tribute to the three Missouri seniors playing in their final NCAA tournament.

Crossfire Q&A: Clemson


Rock M Nation speaks with Shakin' The Southland to preview the first round NCAA Tournament game between No. 7 Clemson and No. 10 Missouri.

Know Your Other Buffalo Game: West Virginia vs Morgan State


A preview of Friday's NCAA Tournament first round game between West Virginia and Morgan State in Buffalo.

Better Know An Opponent: Clemson


The legend continues. Rock M Nation presents Better Know An Opponent: Clemson.

Know Your Fellow Pressing Tigers: Clemson


A stats-based preview of Friday's East Regional game between Clemson and Missouri in the Division I Men's Basketball Tournament.

Study Hall: Mizzou vs Nebraska -- I expected this in Lincoln ... but not now!


A recap of Missouri's upset loss to Nebraska yesterday in the Big 12 Tournament.

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