Rock M Nation's Guide to Columbia


Welcome to Rock M Nation's Guide to Columbia! During the next several weeks, Rock M readers will be voting on the can't miss spots in the town locals affectionately call CoMo. Asterisks indicate major dissent from the RMN editorial staff. Here are the categories:


Best Burger (Nominations | Poll) –– Popular pick: Booche's; Editors also suggest: Flat Branch 

Best Pizza (Nominations | Poll) –– Popular pick: Shakespeare's Pizza; Editors also suggest: G&D Pizza 

Best Mexican Food (Nominations | Poll) –– Popular pick: El Rancho**; Editors suggest: Tequila Mexican Restaurant and Taqueria El Rodeo

Best Italian Food (Nominations | Poll) –– Popular pick: Sophia's; Editors also suggest: Bambino's

Best BBQ (Nominations | Poll) –– Popular pick: Buckingham's; Editors also suggest: Barton's and Smokin' Chick's

Best Wings (Nominations | Poll) –– Popular pick: CJ's; Editors' suggestion pending.

Best Sandwiches (Nominations | Poll) –– Popular pick: Sub Shop; Editors also suggest: Pickleman's

Best Breakfast (Nominations | Poll) –– Popular pick: Broadway Diner; Editors also suggest: Ernie's anCafe Berlin

Best Semi-Upscale Dining (Nominations | Poll) –– Popular pick: Addison's; Editors also suggest: Hoss's Market and CC's City Broiler

Best Casual Dining (Nominations | Poll) –– Popular pick: Flat Branch; Editors also suggest: D. Rowe's

Best Dessert (Nominations | Poll) –– Popular pick: Tiger Stripe Ice Cream at Buck's; Editors also suggest: Upper Crust Bakery and Andy's Frozen Custard

Best Coffee (Nominations | Poll) –– Popular pick: Kaldi's; Editors' suggestion pending.

Best Late Night Food Stop (Nominations | Poll) –– Popular pick: Broadway Diner; Editors also suggest: Gumby's Pizza

"Can't Miss" Food Item in Columbia (Nominations | Poll) –– Popular pick: Booche's hamburgers; Editors also suggest the Flat Branch Texas Burger and the Sub Shop Sausage and Kraut Sandwich


Best Drink Specials (Nominations | Poll) –– Popular pick: Bengal's; Editors also suggest: Shakespeare's

Best Drink Selection (Nominations | Poll) –– Popular pick: Flat Branch; Editors also suggest: Tropical Liqueurs 

Best Bartenders (Nominations | Poll) –– Popular pick: Willie's/Field House; Editors also suggest: McNally's

Best Gameday Bar (Nominations | Poll) –– Popular pick: Harpo's; Editors' suggestion pending.

Best Bar for "Scenery" (Nominations | Poll) –– In session Wednesday and Thursday





Best Bar for Dancing

Best "This is Columbia" Bar

Best Bar Overall


Best Thing to See on Campus

Best Thing to See off Campus

Best Movie Theater

Best Golf Course

Best Day Trip

Best Tailgating Location

Best Free Parking Location


Best Hotel Close to Sports Complex

Best "Cheap" Hotel

Best Upscale Hotel

Best Hotel Overall

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