Mizzou Softball 2013

The State of Mizzou Softball (part 2)


Note: This was written before Ross Dellenger's lovely Q&A piece with Ehren Earleywine. Read that, then read this. So what do we do at Catcher? Mizzou will return one start behind home plate,...

Mizzou Links, 6-5-13


It's camp season, Ehren Earleywine's got options, and Tim Hickman talks facilities.

State of Mizzou Softball, Part 1


With the 2013 season getting smaller and smaller in our rearview mirror, we may as well pull the car over and start to look at what we keep, what we lose and what we gain as we heard towards exit...

Mizzou Links, 5-30-13


Arch Madness '17, All-American Chelsea Thomas, SEC meetings, and football recruiting in the southeast.

Mizzou Links, 5-27-13


Chelsea Thomas was good, Mizzou's first year in the SEC is just about up, there's a new name on the masthead, and it's a Memorial Day Music Monday...

Softball season ends in familiar fashion


Making the WCWS is hard.

Mizzou-Washington live thread (Games 2-3)


Alright, so they have elected to do it the hard way. Chelsea Thomas aims for two Friday wins and a trip to the WCWS, while the offense tries to wake up a little bit. Better late than never.

Mizzou Links, 5-24-13


Mizzou digs itself a Super Regional hole, Flip Pressey is not Nate Robinson, and we're still talking about SEC scheduling.

Mizzou-Washington Game 1 live thread


We know what's at stake. The teams know each other reasonably well. Let's do this.

Mizzou Links, 5-23-13


Softball super regionals start tonight, and ... SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON.

Previewing Washington


This is a VERY good team Mizzou is about to play. But it was a VERY good team when Mizzou won twice in 2011 (with a decent amount of ease), and it was a VERY good team when Chelsea Thomas won via...

Mizzou Links, 5-21-13


The SEC Baseball Tournament starts (and, with a loss, would end) tonight for Mizzou, and it's time to learn more about Deuce Bello and Washington Softball.

Mizzou Links, 5-20-13


Nicole Hudson is (still) awesome, Rob Z gets ready for Mississippi State, Paul Adams commits to Missouri, Mizzou pours more money into Golf, and Pearl Jam is still great.

Mizzou advances to sixth straight Super Regional


The bats came alive just in time.

Sunday "Always Be Closing" Thread


The Tigers' 1-0 win over Hofstra, in what I yesterday called the biggest game of the season, created a new biggest game (or two) of the season.

(Huge) Saturday live thread


Softball faces its biggest game of the season at noon.

NCAA softball live thread


Hofstra and Oregon State kick things off at 3 p.m. CT, and Mizzou and Stony Brook follow up at 5:30.

Oregon State is tested, flawed


Given how the bracket normally falls, if seeds hold to form, #1 MU would not match up at any point with #3 Oregon State.

Hofstra has an ace


With the only team we know we will play out of the way, let’s turn our attention to the team that, based on seeds and rankings, is the most likely for us to play moving forward, the Pride of Hofstra.

Mizzou Links, 5-17-13


Softball's postseason begins in about 12 hours, Baseball is one more win from the SEC Tournament, and Ian Kinsler headbutts third base.

Mizzou-Stony Brook preview


We learned last year that Stony Brook doesn't mess around on the diamond. Can the softball team follow up on baseball's dramatic run to the 2012 College World Series? Let's hope not.

Mizzou Links, 5-16-13


Mizzou's final baseball series starts today, Henry Josey is the starting running back (for now), and back-to-back-to-back might doom Chelsea Thomas.

Mizzou Links, 5-15-13


Chelsea Thomas is 70 percent, the Big 12/SEC Challenge is kind of dumb, and Nick Saban is evidently underpaid.

2013 NCAA Softball: Mizzou to date


Before we take a look at Missouri's weekend opponents in the Columbia Regional, let's take a look at Missouri.

Mizzou Links, 5-13-13


Softball hosts another regional, Track holds its own, and Baseball still has some work to do.

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