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It's the Rock M Nation Weekly Podcast!

A podcast discussing Matt Eberflus' sudden departure from the Missouri Football coaching staff, his possible replacements, and what's in store for Missouri Basketball.

For the forseeable future...

...my latest Varsity Numbers column can serve as a "Beyond the Box Score" glossary of sorts. This should either tell you everything you need to know about the stats I'm using, or at least link to something that tells you everything you need to know.

Baylor Football: Beyond the Box Score 2007

By god, I'm putting the same energy into this as I have for the others.  Or I'm at least going to try.  Or try to try. Initial Stat Assault It's easy to pin Baylor down in a "bad offense, bad...

Beyond the Box Score: Win Correlations (Part Two)

So in yesterday's WinCorr conversation, I mentioned that while WinCorr could be (and was) used to look at the overall stats that are most directly connected to success on the field.  I also...

Burnt Orange Nation Goes Beyond the Box Score!

It's catching on! This is from a few days ago now, and I just now noticed, but...I noticed! BON's PB takes a look at 'Big Play' scoring...

Beyond the Box Score: Win Correlations (Part One)

Gary Pinkel has always mentioned that playing defense is all about leverage.  If two guys are pursuing a runner who is running toward the sideline, the job of the first guy isn't necessarily to...

Texas Football: Behind the Box Score 2007

Quick bitter impressions of Texas' 2007 season: Colt McCoy regressed, the secondary couldn't stop anybody, the LBs were slow, the offense leaned too much on Jamaal Charles, and Texas only won...10...

Beyond the Box Score: Special Teams

So after yesterday's look at Turnovers, it's now time to establish point values for special teams.  Leaving PATs out of it for now (it will obviously be easy to add them later), there are three...

Beyond the Box Score: Turnovers

In most of my previous BTBS posts, I've acknowledged that the whole thought behind my EqPts measure (and therefore the PPP and S&P measures as well) is only one part of scoring points.  It's the m...

Oklahoma State Football: Beyond the Box Score 2007

2007 was a year of emergence and disappearance in Stillwater.  The offense was supposed to dominate with Bobby Reid throwing to Adarius Bowman and handing off to Dontrell Savage, while a relatively...

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