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I Miss the Basketball Coverage of Twenty Years Ago


Tar Heel Fan pointed to this clip from the broadcast of the last UNC-Oklahoma tournament game, complete with post-game interviews: What strikes me about the clip, aside from the stellar play...

Selection Sunday Conversations


Open thread to discuss MInnesota's chances of having its name called on Selection Sunday.

Rock M Roundtable!


  1 - What's been the most interesting development of Championship Week thus far?2 - Who wins the Big 12 Tournament this weekend?  Pick your winner, then give me a sleeper.3 - What's your...

UK basketball: Lots of questions for Cats as new season approaches


This is one of Tipton's better efforts. Some good points back up by stats. Interesting stuff about Ramel Bradley. The Dick Vitale stuff still galls me a bit, and Dickie V. did nothing in this article to make me love him more. I liked Tipton's comment about Packer. He is right about intelligence and candor, but I'm damned sure I won't miss Packer, the crusty, humorless old curmudgeon.

No love lost for Billy Packer


I think John Clay has absolutely nailed it. It was time for a change. Farewell, Billy, don't let the door hit you in the hindparts.

Mizzou Links, 7-16-08


I'd say Ian Kinsler acquitted himself decently at yesterday's All-Star marathon, with a hit, a walk, and a stolen base (plus a caught stealing) in six plate appearances, while also taking part in...

You Won't Have Billy Packer to Kick Around Anymore


He's been pushed aside after 34 Final Fours, in favor of Clark Kellogg. He's not going the Keith Jackson route and sticking around for Duke-Carolina games, instead going off on an unnamed "fun...

A Long Overdue Move By CBS


feesia39 already blogged the news about Packer and CBS. Barry Jackson from the Miami Herald broke the story earlier today. CBS is making a move, which they should have made sometime last decade: ...

Packer out at CBS, to end Final Four run after 34 years


Billy Packer and CBS have parted ways, and Clark Kellogg will now be doing the Final Four with Jim Nantz.

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