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2011 Baylor Outlook

All eyes will be on the defense, whose new mastermind is Phil Bennett, ex-SMU head coach, via a successful stint running Pitt's defense. Wacoans are on the bandwagon. "Phil knows how he wants to...

2009 Big East Coaches' poll vs the results

The reason I started last week's posts on efficiency margin last year and over the last 5 years of the Big East was a look at the disparity between the coaches' picks for the final Big East order...

Game 26: St. John's 74, South Florida 58

Box score An afternoon game at resurgent South Florida (16-10, 6-8) for a St. John's team (15-11, 5-9) reeling from another bad, sloppy loss. South Florida needed to win to get a chance at the...

St. John's at South Florida: 5 Questions With Voodoo 5

In anticipation of the St. John's road game in Tampa against South Florida, I asked Voodoo 5 - the former AstroBull - 5 questions on the South Florida Bulls. The questions cover their surprising...

Game 26: St. John's at South Florida Bulls

Listen/ See: Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band, SunshowersTip Off:12:00 PM, Saturday, February 20Vs:. South Florida Bulls (16-9, 6-7)Location: Sun Dome, Tampa, NYTV: SNY Opposition blogs: Voodoo...

BullsTV goes one-on-one with the draft prospects

BullsTV goes one-on-one with the draft prospects

DoJo-Go-Pro-O-Meter Update #1

Remember, the DoJo-Go-Pro-O-Meter is not interested in hearsay, rumors, or gossip... only fact. Stan Heath had an interesting quote in an entry on Scott Carter's blog that warranted a change in the...

Introducing the DoJo-Go-Pro-O-Meter

USF fans are already working themselves up into a lather about whether or not Dominique Jones will go into the NBA Draft. And in the absence of solid information, many are believing whatever they...

USF-Georgetown LiveBlog from Vegas Baby!

Our Las Vegas Correspondent DoJoMojo was nice enough to throw a liveblog together from one of the finest establishments that the city has to offer. Read about it after the jump. 8:59am: We are...

Day 1 - USF 58, DePaul 49

Not much to analyze here. USF scored all of their 58 points in the paint or at the foul line, because it was so easy to get out in transition or work it inside for a good shot. (And because they...

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