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"I know what I'm wearing to the @MizzouSoftball game tonight #tremendousstubble" -Former Mizzou...


"I know what I'm wearing to the @MizzouSoftball game tonight #tremendousstubble" -Former Mizzou Tiger Lisa Simmons, via Twitter. If you'll excuse me, I'll be over there, um, FREAKING OUT.

Arkansas High School goes up 29-0 before the other team TOUCHES the ball.


Many might remember Coach Kelley at Pulaski High in Arkansas. He's the guy that doesn't punt on 4th, never returns punts, and always tries for the onside kick. This is what can happen when that strategy is successful.

Stephen Paea breaks Bench Press Record with 49 reps


Since his draft stock just rose to the first round, anyone want him on the D-line?

Gene Chizik Knows It's the Same Distance From the Outhouse to the Mansion as It Is From the Mansion to the Outhouse


It's a good thing they lost, or else they'd have needed all that toilet paper to roll Toomer's Corner. Go 'Dawgs! Auburna delenda est!

Vikings 30, Saints 27: Aaaaaaaaaaand I'm Spent


Antoine Winfield. Reggie Bush. Gus Frerotte. Drew Brees. You may not see a crazier game than this all season.  And, for once, we came out on the right end. Talk amongst yourselves here.  Yours...

Your 2008 American League East Champions...The Tampa Bay Rays


(Special note: thanks to SRQMan for feedback and  insight on  the early draft.) We're living the American League dream. For 10 long seasons nobody outside of the New York Yankees and Boston Red...

Tonight's Question: Can Gonzo Swim?


via the National Hurricane Center See that little dot with the label of "2 PM Sunday" on it?  Mrs. Gonzo and I live just to the south of that one.  (Not IN the Gulf of Mexico, obviously. . .that...

Thursday Night Insanity


No football stuff tonight. . .going to try to get back into the roster breakdown tomorrow at some point.  But for now, I want to give you a little Youtube-based entertainment. If any of you out...

Mr. Hornsby? Please Leave Now. Thanks.


From The Gainesville Sun and EDSBS... Jamar Hornsby, a University of Florida football player, was released on his own recognizance after turning himself in Friday morning on charges of credit...

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