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Mizzou-Illinois: Beyond the Box Score PREVIEW


I doubt this one becomes as long as the typical BTBS usually is, simply because I wrote a BTBS on Illinois about three months ago, and it's not like any games have happened since then.  But I still...

Mizzou Links, 8-26-08


Feel it?  Feel those goosebumps?  IT'S THE FIRST GAME-WEEK OFFICIAL RELEASE OF THE YEAR.  WOOOOOOOOOOO!!! TIGER DEFENSE EXPECTED TO BE STOUT IN 2008    The Tiger defense was young overall to...

Mizzou Links, 8-21-08


 Mizzou's last Olympian is one more win from a medal: Linas Kleiza put up a 15 & 7 as Lithuania thumped China and moved to the semifinals.  They'll face Spain on Friday, right before the US plays...

Mizzou Links, 8-20-08


 As was mentioned last night, Ben Askren's first trip to the Olympics lasted two matches--he pinned Hungary's Istvan Vereb in match #1, then was dominated by Cuba's Ivan Fundora, 7-1, in match #2....

8 Redshirts (likely) burned


According to Dave Matter, it appears the staff is looking at burning redshirts for the following players: WR Jerrell Jackson WR Gahn McGaffie TE Andrew Jones TE Michael Egnew OL Dan Hoch DE Jacquies Smith LB Will Ebner LS Beau Brinkley We knew about Ebner and Brinkley, and we all but knew about Jones and Jackson. The others are at least a bit surprising. McGaffie has been doing well, it seems, but at some point you just aren't able to spread the ball around as much as you'd like. And when you add to that the fact that we'll be playing FOUR tight ends...sheesh. I guess the thought is, Coffman approximates Rucker's '07 production and the Egnew/Jones/Jon Gissinger trifecta approximates Coffman's '07 production? Maybe? As for Smith...well...Brian Coulter still isn't healthy (it actually sounds like he's regressed), and I haven't heard Chris Earnhardt's name once all camp. It sounds like there was room for another backup DE in the mix, and Jacquies has drawn quite a few rave reviews.

Mizzou Links, 8-11-08


 The Missourian takes a look back at Fan Day...as does the Post-Dispatch...  We start with this fantastic story from the Trib.  With Mizzou yet again appearing to have found a complete and total...

Emerging Battles


So as we read practice report after practice report, we can start to see a few emerging battles that we can pay attention to as the rest of August progresses (three weeks till kickoff!!!).  I...

Mizzou Links, 8-8-08


 It appears the offense struck back at yesterday's practice.  See full practice reports from the usual suspects: PowerMizzou, Trib.  Meanwhile, Tim Griffin went nuts with Mizzou articles yesterday...

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