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Mark Ellis wins his MMA debut

From the TREMENDOUS SBN site Bloody Elbow, Mark Ellis wins his 1st professional MMA fight with a second round submission. The review of the fight is a little down the page, but it sounds as if Ellis was all about getting the fight to the ground and trying to submit his opponent. For those who are curious, Ellis is the 4th former Mizzou wrestler who have moved professionally to MMA, and the combined records of the four (Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, Mike Chandler and Mark Ellis) now stands at 26-0. Michael Chandler will be the next to fight on October 25th when he looks to join Ben Askren as a Bellator Champion when he takes on the extremely talented Eddie Alvarez (22-2)

Seedings Released for Midlands Wrestling Tournament

I will likely have some more on this over the next two days, but the top 8 seeds were released at the VERY prestigious (read: loaded) Midlands Wrestling Tournament, which will kick off tomorrow at Northwestern. Nice to see Brent Haynes earn a 6 seed at 197 and it will be interesting to see what Marable (4 seed) can do at 165 and what the HWY's can do (Bradley is a 3 and Ellis is a 6)

Mark Ellis...#1 ranked HWY

Intermat has its new rankings out, and junior Mark Ellis now resides on top of the HWY division. The team almost moved up smartly (to #6) following their road win over #2 Cornell

Seeds for Midlands Wrestling Tourney Released

Some Mizzou wrestlers crack the top 8's, including 4 #2 seeds (Marable, Jordan, Askren and Ellis). Chandler also grabbed a 5, and it looks like Schavrien may have just missed a seed at 133 along with Marcus Hoehn at 141. Going be REALLY tough sledding for Hoehn at 141, as the #8 seed in the tourney is ranked #9 in the country. Final seeds will be determined on Sunday, and I will do my best to follow the action on Monday and Tuesday.

Mizzou Wrestling starts one poll in 5th

Nice to see Mizzou getting some respect to start the season. Marable will be in and around the top spot all season as there were a lot of graduates out of 165. Mizzou needs to find some solid performers at 133, 141, 149 (though that assumed for Primus) and 174. Finding some depth at a couple more classes could easily keep them in this type of position nationally for the season.

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