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Mark Ellis wins his MMA debut


From the TREMENDOUS SBN site Bloody Elbow, Mark Ellis wins his 1st professional MMA fight with a second round submission. The review of the fight is a little down the page, but it sounds as if Ellis was all about getting the fight to the ground and trying to submit his opponent. For those who are curious, Ellis is the 4th former Mizzou wrestler who have moved professionally to MMA, and the combined records of the four (Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, Mike Chandler and Mark Ellis) now stands at 26-0. Michael Chandler will be the next to fight on October 25th when he looks to join Ben Askren as a Bellator Champion when he takes on the extremely talented Eddie Alvarez (22-2)

Reviewin' & Previewin' - Wrestling


Lots of All-Americans in 2008-2009, but not quite enough to reach that national championship. What do the Wrestling Tigers have coming back in 2009-2010?

Mizzou Wrestling for a Title Tomorrow


A review of Mizzou Tiger NCAA wrestling Championship action


NCAA Wrestling Results - Day 2

Alright...will once again do my best to keep this updated throughout the day and evening....probably less so in the evening.  All the action can be found on ESPNU today, and if you are so inclined,...


NCAA Wrestling Results - Day 1

Not going to get to really devote any time to this as I am pretty crushed at work and I am headed out of town/country on Saturday morning...but I will do my best to keep this up to date. The...

Mizzou Links, 3-17-09


As rpt mentioned in comments last night, what a difference a year makes.  One great season, and suddenly Mike Anderson has seen his reputation skyrocket just like Gary Pinkel did not too long...

Big XII Wrestling Championship Wrap-Up


A review of the Big XII Wrestling Championships

Big XII Wrestling Championship Preview


A preview of the Big XII Wrestling Championships

Pretty Significant Changes to Selection Criteria for 2009 NCAA Wrestling Championships


Reviewing the changes to the selection criteria for the 2009 NCAA Wrestling Championships

Wrestling Wrap-Up: Weekend in Oklahoma


I think I am going to forgo the Monday Musings for a little while longer, but I did want to review a pretty big weekend for the Tigers which they just had down in Oklahoma.  Used to be the Tigers...

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