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Nick Saban Is A Big Fat Sissy

There's been a lot of talk about Nick Saban's support of a proposed rule change to slow down the pace of college football. How did this start, where will it end up and what does it mean to WVU fans? A quick Q/A session:

An Interview with Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury

Texas Tech Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury took some time out of his busy schedule to sit down with us and answer a few questions. Keeping things true to form, we covered everything from recruiting to life's difficult choices.


Looking at the data - Halliday, Offense, Defense 2012 vs 2013

Pet project of mine has been compiling data from www.cfbstats.com to look at Connor's growth in the Air Raid, the offense and defense's overall progression or regression to see what we can expect...

Staring Down The Musket At...Texas Tech

Seth and WVUIE97 changed things up a bit this week and instead of the old "here's five questions and I'll answer yours," we exchanged emails through the week to keep it more conversational.

Smart Football Looks At WVU's Offensive Woes

Chris B. of SmartFootball.com and Grantland.com has given the Air Raid offense a lot of thought. Here, he answers some questions from JP Fanshawe about why Hoglorsen's version of it is struggling this season.

Mike Leach Has A Solution To Every Problem

Dana Holgorsen calls his old mentor to help fix the Air Raid offense and to get a win against Oklahoma State.

Bo Pelini & Mike Leach & Sam Jackson at the club.

We have the tapes. It was an interesting discussion about life and responsibilities as they sipped martinis while Beyonce serenaded them in the background.

Running With the Pac-12

Take a closer look at the rest of the Pac-12 conference with what lies in store for many of the future opponents on the USC schedule. As the conference continues to rise up the rankings, stiff...

Four Verts Or The Secret Weapon: You Choose

Holgorsen has a secret weapon, and he's coming for you Stoops!

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