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Spencer Hall at EDSBS takes look at Chancellor's Deaton's "certain firmness on the topic" of expansion.

University Retirement Plan News


#umcurators have voted to adopt the new retirement for new employees. The new plan will take effect October 2012. The Columbia Missourian brings the news that everyone following the UM Curators meeting has been dying to hear!

Tenn AD: "SEC To Expand"


Also additional news from Dave Matter which can be viewed here which includes a new number in regards to the potential exit penalty (less than $40 million, needless to say)

Deaton to hold press conference at 6:45


via Bloomberg at KOMU, though confirmed by Gabe and others. Let the speculation begin...

Interesting stuff from ESPN on MizzouExpansioapalooza


Probably the most interesting part of the article can be found here: Meanwhile, a source said high-level fundraising at Missouri is on hold for its major $160 million capital campaign. The source said a number of donors -- significant eight-figure donors -- were prepared to present a gift but are holding up that process until they know which conference Missouri will be a member of in for the foreseeable future. If the Tigers were to drop down to the Mountain West, for example, then that would mean less money coming from the donors. There is also some pushback in football recruiting due to the indecision, the source said. If the Tigers aren't in a conference with Texas-based schools, then it can dramatically affect the lure of playing at Mizzou. "There are a bunch of Texas kids now saying that they're not sure now," said the source. "If Missouri is in the SEC then that's OK, but if it's in the ACC or the Big East then that may not." The source said that Missouri remains on the fence publicly about whether to maintain its rights to sue because of its position on the board. But the source said the Missouri board of regents hasn't given Deaton the authority to waive the rights yet. The ridiculousness of the MWC mention notwithstanding, I know the Capital Campaign had been mentioned as recently as Alden's speech in KC at the Tiger Club recently, but the part about the potential donors is interesting.



Good stuff from EDSBS: The Story of the Big 12 Breakup, if the Big 12 was a rock band, featuring Texas as lead singer, Oklahoma on backup and Iowa State on the random trumpet that no one really likes.

Baylor to the Big East? Perhaps...


I do suppose it is possible, is Baylor holding this up just long enough to get their ducks in a row? And if so, can you really blame them?

Mizzouexpansionapalooza 2011 - aTm Officially Says Buh-Bye


The school has released this, so I would imagine this may actually be for real now. (I went ahead and combined the four posts on this :-) From MizzouCus (who beat EVERYONE to the punch) This link and these comments: I find it hilarious that they don't mention what conference they will apply to join...let the guessing begin. Hello, Sun Belt! From mizzou2396 (who beat me to the punch): Looks like they will be gone effective June 30, 2012 - pending invitation to another conference. We just lost the most talented team in the history of sports . . . apparently. And from Gaknar (who ALSO beat me to the punch): Aggies to officially take their talents elsewhere

Aggies say, "It's not you, it's me" to the Big XII


It would appear Texas A&M has made the first "official" (because who really knows what is official and what is not at this point) move towards liberation from the Big XII and a potential move to the SEC.

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