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Monday Musings - The Audio-Only Version


As often is the case, I started writing this on Sunday evening.  All I have to say is....wow...it gets dark early now Anyway, this is likely to be another scaled down version.  To be honest, I got...

Monday Musings - The Post Mizzou Christmas Edition


Well folks, sorry for the lateness here, but I have been off of the grid pretty much since Thursday afternoon for my annual pilgramage back to Columbia for Mizzou Christmas.  Add to that my folks...

Monday Musings - The Positivity Edition


Holy smokes were there a lot of different Mizzou sports in action this past week and weekend.  I will do my best to touch upon all of them, though football will likely be touched upon the least...

Monday Musings - How the Rest of the Week Went


Well, as predicted perhaps by some as they were walking out of Faurot at about 10:30 p.m. (give or take when your crush of people finally cleared), the sun did in fact rise on Sunday...and again...

Monday Musings - Another Hurdle Destroyed


I really want to make sure this week is not just entirely about the football team, but about all the Mizzou sports in general.  However, since Saturday night's game is all we are likely to talk...

Monday Musings - The Short Version


Well...I suppose I took the bye weekend a little too literally, as I never returned to a computer this past weekend after the epic bye week thread (thanks everyone for hanging out).  So...being...

Monday Musings - Knee Deep in the Best Month


Does not get much better for me than this time of year.  MLB coming down the stretch and the playoffs looming.  NFL getting going and some crazy results out there.  College football about to get...

Monday Musings - Was This the Pinnacle?


So I am going to pose this question to open my musings and I hope to generate some discussion off of it.  And it likely does a disservice to the point of this weekly post, which is to touch upon...

Monday Musings - Mizzou Just Scored on SEMO....Again


Well...I find that by the time I get to sit down on Sunday/Monday to write these out, I have already said whatever I am going to say about football, and lord knows everything else that could have...

Monday Musings - 2008-2009 has begun


I think I am glad that 2007-2008 is finally being put to bed here in this week's musings.  Truth be told, I have actually tried to do it for the past couple of weeks, but the undertaking was just a...

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