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Mizzou softball sign contest


So, in what can only be described as a move they will either posthumously celebrate or regret, the Mizzou athletic department has sanctioned a sign contest for this Sunday's ESPN-televised softball game against Oklahoma. There are rules which you should read (be tasteful, no larger than 2' by 3', etc.) and a $50 Tiger Team Store gift card up for grabs. Let me be blunt here: If a Tremendous Stubble sign does not win this contest or at least make it on ESPN, you are all dead to me. Do what you must, but win this damn thing. THIS IS OUR MOMENT. THIS IS OUR TIME.

Mizzou Softball gets BIG TIME verbal commitment for 2013


Mizzou softball circles are buzzing about the commitment of power hitter Kelsea Roth, but the recruiting momentum isn't stopping there. Ehren Earleywine has secured a verbal commitment from Tori Finucane, a 2013 recruit who would enter Missouri's program following the graduation of current ace Chelsea Thomas. A 68 mph fastball and four or five plus pitches at the age of 14? Big time catch for Coach Stubble.

Is it too early to talk about 2011 Mizzou Softball? Hell no...


Here is the schedule for the 2011 Mizzou Softball team, which features 25 home games. Some thoughts: * Though the other teams in the first two tournaments we are playing in are not yet determined, and even though I think it is safe to assume there will be some national teams in the ESPN tournament, I think this non-con schedule is easier than the gauntlet we ran last year. Just an observation, I dont think it really matters one way or the other. * Excited to see Mizzou playing in St. Louis, though the weather is going to have be pretty nice to get me out there in early March * Just off the top of my head, I think the conference home/away schedule REALLY breaks in our favor. Of last year's top 4 (we were #5), we face three of them at home. Okie State, TTech and Baylor (Baylor was without top pitcher Whitney Canion for much of last year) are the tough road series, but it is nice to have UT, OU and aTm all at home. * Strange "road" trip in the middle of the season, as we will have 10 straight games on the road, including the first three Big XII series. But, to then finish with 13 of 18 at home, I dont think it is a bad set up. * 53 games scheduled right now....I am reasonably confident that will not be the final number we end up playing in the regular season.

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