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MIzzou Links, 10-10-07

Okay, I didn't know there was a national "Offensive Coordinator of the Week" award, but I guess putting up 600+ yards against a formerly respectable defense is a pretty good way to earn the award.

Inside Mizzou takes a look at the Mizzou offense's "Super 6" (and Mike Dearmond reminds us that one of the Super 6--Jeremy Maclin--was almost a Sooner), while The Trib takes a look at the Mizzou defense's interesting motivational techniques for last Saturday's game.  Loved Zo Williams' quote regarding the hole he put in the Marriott wall:

"I just got a text message from Coach" Barry "Odom, so I may have to go wash dishes at the Marriott," he said. "It wasn’t a big hole, though. They can just put a little duct tape over it and they wouldn’t even notice it."

I won't even mention Chase Daniel saying NU's defensive schemes reminded him of stuff he saw in high school.  We'll just leave that one alone.

STILL haven't read enough about Jeremy Maclin?  Me neither.  Try this.

Dave Matter attempts a Big 12 Power Poll, then goes Inside the Sooners' Numbers.

The Missourian profiles special teams ace Andrew Gachkar.  If Gabe had actually named 11 players in his Tuesday Top Tigers (instead of naming them all), Gachkar almost certainly would have been one of them.

It's Like Father, Unlike Son!

Enjoy Bowl Projections?  Me neither.  Oh you do?  Well, try this (Sugar).  Or this (Fiesta/Cotton).  Yeah...let's just stop right there.

(Via Crimson & Cream Machine) The Norman Transcript's John Shinn points out something that should grow more and more obvious as the week progresses: that Mizzou-OU is the biggest game of the year in the Big 12.

Demarre Carroll is the Big 12 Preseason Newcomer of the Year.  Steve Walentik has more.  Pretty cool, but here's my main question: D.J. Augustin = Player of the Year?  Really?  There's nobody in the conference better than him?  Not saying I could name somebody just seemed weird to me is all.

Here are the official releases for a) #5 Mizzou Soccer's weekend fling with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State (The Maneater has a bit more), and b) Mizzou Volleyball's home match versus Texas A&M...a battle for conference "middle ground" (The Maneater has more on that too).