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Mizzou Links, 10-12-07

Here's the official release for MU-OU, plus a nice preview from the KC Star and a PowerMizzou "Ultimate Breakdown".  My OU buddy last night was happily recalling to me previous 'big' matchups between up-and-comers and OU...the year OSU came into town along with College Gameday and lost 52-9...the year ISU came in ranked Top 10 for the first time ever (I think) and got demolished in every way, shape and form.  Mizzou has more offensive weapons than either of those things, but...yeah...Stoops' teams tend to play pretty well when a newbie is trying to claim their turf.

Two questions: 1) there's a National Tight End of the week award?  2) Is this the first time Rucker or Coffman have won it??

Dave Matter says no, this is actually the third time Rucker's won the award.  Good to know.  Oh, and Matter makes some picks too.

Nice headline, Joe Walljasper.  This Van was rockin' Saturday night, indeed.  Also, the Missourian tells us that the most respected member of the WR corps is not one of the big stars.  I remember that Jason Ray was one of the main "I want to come to Mizzou because I want to play with Brad Smith" recruits...I always love reading stories about guys who love being role-players.

Heh...note to Will Franklin...Heineken and Corona?  Not top-of-the-line beers.  You guys are like Flat Branch Brown Ale and a nice Delirium Nocturnum.  Otherwise a solid article on the development of the spread offense.  Meanwhile, Whitlock says MU needs a "heady" effort...what's with all the beer talk at the Star??

Leave it to Vahe Gregorian to remind us how much we've been smoked at Owen Field in the past.  Luckily, the Tigers need no extra motivation...

I'm sure you've all seen by now that Mizzou basketball is preseason #5 in the Big case you haven't, you have now.  Meanwhile, Steve Walentik catches up with the preseason Newcomer of the Year, Demarre Carroll and the Missourian plays a game of "What did you do during your summer break?" with Leo Lyons.  Graham Watson has a season preview article up as well.

Finally, MU-KU at Arrowhead is sold out.  I'm impressed...though I guess it's not surprising that the last tix got snatched up the week after KU won at KSU and Mizzou smoked NU...