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Mizzou Links, 10-15-07

Alright, since I fell down on the job yesterday morning, sleeping in after the late game instead of getting up and doing links--and since The Beef covered all the Olympic sports so I don't have to--I'll just go publication by publication and link to their MU-OU coverage.  It's a little boring, but it's the most efficient way to link to about 85 stories and columns. Here are your official game recap, box score, and announcement of next weekend's Tech-Mizzou kickoff time (2:30).

Columbia Tribune: Too Much Static (Jeremy Maclin's busy day), Odyssey goes awry but deserves a sequel, game notes (I figured Coffman was just cramping up at the end, didn't realize it was an actual injury), Questions & Answers.  Plus, Dave Matter empties the notebook.

The Missourian: Tigers' offense shows flaws, Big 12 North put back in its place, Missouri isn't there yet, Oklahoma beats Missouri in duel between quarterbacks.

KC Star: Mizzou confident it will learn from loss, Whitlock says The Missouri Tigers Are for Real, KU, MU share #15 Ranking in AP Poll, No. 6 Oklahoma Outlasts No. 11 Missouri.

StL Post-Dispatch: Errors trip Mizzou, MU suffers with Temple sitting out, Bryan Burwell says Mizzou shows it still has steps to take, Tiger Report Card.

PowerMizzou: Tigers fall short in Norman, The grades are in.

Daily Oklahoman: John Rohde  (the Oklahoman's good columnist) says OU will take this win, baby, Tigers rack up yards, not points, Lofton and defense save the day, Auston English all over the field.

Norman Transcript: OU = Survivors, This Time, Sooners Lucky, Chris Brown Coming Up Big.

Other: Ivan Maisel says Oklahoma survives turnovers, Tigers in conference win, CNNSI's Cory McCartney says Tech's Michael Crabtree putting up video game numbers, Sunday Morning QB was impressed that Missouri was in position to win despite Chase Daniel running ineffectively.

Finally, Crimson & Cream Machine shares some quick thoughts.