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Mizzou Links 10-16-07

So with The Boy out of commission for the day, I will post the links over here.  I hope everyone finds them, and fancy Tiger logos for bullet points :-) starts our tour this morning with Like Father, Unlike Son and starting the media circus that is game week with Media Day and Coach Pinkel NOT being happy is our next stop on the links tour, with a ton of news including Mizzou vs. Iowa State at 1:00 p.m., Volleyball's pending HUGE match against NU in Can the Huskers Night, Women's golf great start out in Las Cruces, NM as they Lead the Tourney both team and individual and finally bring it ALL home with their Season 2 Under Mike Anderson Preview which I am sure our guru Atch will have more on down the line. has a big story on Tyler Griffey and his pending visit and Mike DeArmond tell us that the Tigers are not dwelling on loss and Graham Watson have plenty of information with her Tuesday Musings, as well as how Mizzou expects their A+ Game vs. Texas Tech.  The paper also reports Local (STL) interest is on the rise for Mizzou.

The Columbia Tribune has a nice piece on the rise of the rise of the Mizzou Women's Tennis program as well as Dave Matter's thoughts on Media Day

The Columbia Missourian rounds out our tour this morning with their Homecoming Guide (in pdf format)

And how about those Colorado Rockies....21 of 22 games...8 straight playoff wins (yes, I count the one gamer vs. San Diego).  Just insane.