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Mizzou Links, 10-17-07

Bleh.  Back from Oklahoma after an extended stay with the parents...have some catching up to do...

You know what I would find poetic, funny, etc.?  If Tom Osborne fired Bill Callahan and re-hired Frank Solich.

This isn't totally surprising or anything, but Missouri's loss in Norman hasn't knocked them down in the bowl projections game.  Remember back in the day when we complained that nobody respected us in these things?

Then again, this is a bit annoying:'s Cory McCartney says Mizzou failed in their first opportunity for national respect...apparently losing respectably doesn't earn respect.  Actually, you know what?  I like this...the theme of the post-Mizzou week appears to be "No moral victories" noted by both Gabe Dearmond yesterday and Dave Matter today, so I guess McCartney got the memo.

Here's your official release for Saturday's Tech-Mizzou game.  I simply hate preparing for Tech.  Miss a couple tackles, fall out of your defensive rhythm, and it doesn't matter who you are--you're giving up 45 points.  You should also know that says this is the biggest QB matchup of the week...whatever that's worth.

Dave Matter also attempts a power poll and untangles the clustered North, while Gabe unveils Tuesday's Top Tigers.

The Missourian takes a look at freshman Carl Gettis, the true freshman CB who has been splitting time with Hardy Ricks, Castine Bridges, and Paul Simpson opposite Darnell Terrell.  And I guess I should link to this "William Moore is multi-talented" article too.

Neil Joellenbeck at the P-D lost me when he said "I'm not a stats guy", but this "Mizzou and Tech will let it fly" post is notable for both its stats and its 116 or so links.

KOMU says the weather will be getting quite dicey tonight around the time the Mizzou-Nebraska volleyball match begins.  Plan accordingly.  This stinks, as I still dream about the 7,000+ that attended this match a couple years ago...we'll be lucky to draw 4,000 if we're in the middle of a thunderstorm...

The Missourian reports on Stefhon Hannah's senior progress and previews the '07-'08 Mizzou women's basketball season.  I hope Nicole Wilson's good at basketball...I love it when athletes pull a Lamont Frazier and play a different sport in their fifth year.  The good news, I guess, is that there are no expectations whatsoever on either Wilson or the team as a whole.