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Mizzou Links, 10-19-07

The talk begins again...that's right, the Big Ten's looking for a 12th team!  And they've 'made overtures' to Mizzou!!  There's nothing I like more than imagining this (I wrote just a wee bit about it at the old blog), but this time I think I'm just going to wait until something more concrete comes along.

Congrats to Dianne Berg (volleyball), Christian Cantwell (track & field), Conrad Goode (football), Charles Henke (men's basketball), Jake Jacobson (gymnastics), Joann Rutherford (women's basketball), and special honoree Norm Stewart--your 2007 Mizzou Hall of Fame inductees.

Here's your Saturday coverage map.  Stupid Big Ten...

Mike Dearmond has a pretty good recommendation: if you're DVR'ing the game on Saturday, make sure to set it for extra time.  This sucker could last a while.  Meanwhile, Junior Dearmond has the Ultimate Breakdown.

The Missourian says Tech and Mizzou have a lot in common (duh).  Those things include diaper dandies, Heisman darkhorse QB's, spread offense, and improving defenses who are used to defending the spread.  Good old digmo also has 10 Things You Always Wanted to Know about Tech (But Were Afraid to Ask...and yes, I've made that joke before...sue me, it's early) and an Adam Spieker feature.

Joe Walljasper has an interesting column on what it will take to become a born-again, bigtime football program.  I liked this Pinkel quote:

"Missouri fans, they’ve got a choice," Coach Gary Pinkel said. "It’s my job to put a winning team out there that plays at a high, efficient level and we win consistently. That’s what the fans want, and it’s my job to do that. We’ve got great fans, and it would be nice to see us get 63 to 65,000 to these games, minimum."

Meanwhile, Bryan Burwell says that the next step--avoiding the second-half slump--is the biggest for Mizzou.

Now it's Dave Matter's turn to discuss Blaine Gabbert.  And on his blog, he plays What's the Rush?

You probably heard about this one already, but Darryl Butterfield was arrested for domestic assault and suspended indefinitely from the team.  Not much to say about this I guess...Matt Lawrence will soon be the biggest guy on the team, but I do like seeing that Mike Anderson takes no crap.

Mizzou Volleyball's taken a unique path to 5-5 in conference, and the second half of the season begins one hour after the Mizzou-Tech football game ends, as Mizzou hosts #6 Texas.