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Mizzou-Texas Tech: Beyond the Box Score

The final yardage total for this game was relatively close, but a look beyond the box score shows just how and why Mizzou smoked Tech on Saturday.  Yes, dropped passes had a bit to do with it, but...this was a nice whoopin'.

(As always, feel free to refer to the BTBS Glossary at any time.)

Success Rate by Quarter

Q1: Tech 46.7%, Mizzou 45.0%
Q2: Missouri 68.8%, Tech 44.4%
Q3: Missouri 66.7%, Tech 38.1%
Q4: Missouri 43.8%, Tech 38.1%
TOTAL: Missouri 55.7%, Tech 41.7%

I wouldn't have thought a domination like this would have been possible against Tech.  This pretty much shows how Missouri forced the Tech offense into uncomfortable scenarios (2nd-and-long's...mid-range 3rd- and 4th-downs...) and leveraged those into turnovers (both INT's and turnovers on downs).  I predicted last week that Mizzou would get off to the fast start, and though they did on the scoreboard (thanks to Sulak's INT), the offense didn't start clicking until Q2.  And as with every other game this season, Q3 was one of complete domination for Mizzou.

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QB Success Rate

(As always, 'close game' situations only apply...)

Chase Daniel: 61.1%
-- Run: 62.9%
-- Pass: 57.9%

Texas Tech
Graham Harrell: 42.9%
-- Run: 50.0%
-- Pass: 41.5%

Seriously...they might have been aided by dropped passes, but the job this Mizzou D did was just phenomenal.  A 41.5% success rate for the Tech passing attack?  Are you kidding me?

Run Success Rate and Points Per Play

(Success Rates are for 'close game' situations only, but Points Per Play is for all carries.)

Jimmy Jackson: 9-for-12 (75.0%), 12 carries, 8.31 points (0.69/carry)
Derrick Washington: 5-for-7 (71.4%), 9 carries, 3.47 points (0.39/carry)
Earl Goldsmith: 3-for-7 (42.9%), 7 carries, 1.77 points (0.25/carry)
Martin Rucker: 2-for-3 (66.7%), 3 carries, 1.75 points (0.58/carry)
Marcus Woods: 0-for 0, 7 carries, 0.63 points (0.09/carry)
Jeremy Maclin: 0-for-3 (0.0%), 3 carries, 0.09 points (0.03/carry)
Chase Daniel: 4-for-4* (100.0%), 7 carries, minus-0.49 points (minus-0.07/carry)
TOTAL: 23-for-36 (63.9%), 48 carries, 15.53 points (0.32/carry)
TOTAL, RB's: 17-for-26 (65.4%), 35 carries, 14.18 points (0.41/carry)

*: For success rates, sacks don't count as run attempts...however, you'll see that they do when PPP are involved.  I just like to keep you on your toes.

Texas Tech
Shannon Woods: 4-for-9 (44.4%), 10 carries, 1.33 points (0.13/carry)
Graham Harrell: 1-for-1 (100.0%), 5 carries, minus-1.48 points (minus-0.30/carry)
TOTAL: 5-for-10 (50.0%), 15 carries, minus-0.15 points (minus-0.01/carry)


Receiver Success Rate and Points Per Play

Jeremy Maclin: 1-for-1 (100.0%), 2 catches, 5.59 points (2.80/catch)
Chase Coffman: 2-for-2 (100.0%), 3 catches, 2.68 points (0.89/catch)
Martin Rucker: 3-for-3 (100.0%), 3 catches, 2.40 points (0.80/catch)
Will Franklin: 1-for-1 (100.0%), 1 catch, 1.11 points
Jimmy Jackson: 2-for-3 (66.7%), 3 catches, 0.84 points (0.28/catch)
Earl Goldsmith: 1-for-1 (100.0%), 1 catch, 0.31 points
Tommy Saunders: 1-for-1 (100.0%), 1 catch, 0.16 points
TOTAL: 11-for-12 (91.7%), 14 catches, 13.09 points (0.94/catch)

Texas Tech
Ed Britton: 2-for-2 (100.0%), 2 catches, 6.50 points (3.25/catch)
Danny Amendola: 4-for-9 (44.4%), 11 catches, 4.01 points (0.36/catch)
Michael Crabtree: 7-for-8 (87.5%), 10 catches, 3.61 points (0.36/catch)
Eric Morris: 5-for-7 (71.4%), 9 catches, 2.61 points (0.29/catch)
Grant Walker: 3-for-4 (75.0%), 4 catches, 1.92 points (0.48/catch)
Lyle Leong: 0-for-0, 2 catches, 1.61 points (0.81/catch)
Shannon Woods, 1-for-1 (100.0%), 4 catches, 1.15 points (0.29/catch)
Kobey Lewis: 0-for-0, 1 catch, 0.23 points
Detron Lewis: 0-for-1 (0.0%), 1 catch, minus-0.13 points
TOTAL: 22-for-32 (68.8%), 44 catches, 21.51 points (0.49/catch)

Line Yards and Sack Rate

Line Yards: 47 rushes, 156.5 line yards (3.33/carry)
1st-2nd Down Sack Rate: 18 pass attempts, 1 sack (5.6%)
3rd-4th Down Sack Rate: 5 pass attempts, 2 sacks (40.0%)

Texas Tech
Line Yards: 12 rushes, 7 yards (0.58/carry)
1st-2nd Down Sack Rate: 49 pass attempts, 1 sack (2.0%)
3rd-4th Down Sack Rate: 23 pass attempts, 2 sacks (8.7%)

Mizzou also won the game by staying out of 3rd-and-long situations...Tech pretty effectively blitzed on 3rd down, as you see here.  The Mizzou O-line was just fantastic in run blocking, but 3 sacks in 23 pass attempts is a bit much, even if your QB is holding onto the ball a bit too long, as was the case a couple of times.

Defensive Success Rate

Defensive Line
Ziggy Hood: 1.0-for-1.0 (100.0%)
Tommy Chavis: 0.5-for-0.5 (100.0%)
Lorenzo Williams: 1.0-for-1.5 (66.7%...finally breaks up his 100.0% for the season)
Jaron Baston: 1.0-for-2.0 (50.0%)
Charles Gaines: 0.5-for-1.0 (50.0%)
Stryker Sulak: 0.5-for-1.5 (33.3%)
TOTAL: 4.5-for-7.5 (60.0%)

Van Alexander: 1.5-for-5.0 (30.0%)
Sean Weatherspoon: 1.0-for-4.5 (22.2%)
Brock Christopher: 1.0-for-5.5 (18.2%)
TOTAL: 3.5-for-15.0 (23.3%)

A season low for both 'Spoon and Christopher.  This shows that most of their tackles came in pass coverage.

Defensive Backs
Justin Garrett: 1.0-for-1.0 (100.0%)
Del Howard: 1.0-for-1.0 (100.0%)
Pig Brown: 4.0-for-8.0 (50.0%)
Carl Gettis: 0.5-for-1.0 (50.0%)
William Moore: 1.0-for-5.0 (20.0%)
Castine Bridges: 0.0-for-2.0 (0.0%)
Darnell Terrell: 0.0-for-1.0 (0.0%)
TOTAL: 7.5-for-19.0 (39.5%)

While the LB's were in coverage, the DB's (mostly Pig Brown) were all over the place, making a strangely-high-for-a-secondary number of successful plays.  A extremely well-played game from this unit, specifically The Pig.

% of plays made by...
Defensive Line: 7.5 of 41.5 (18.1%)
Linebackers: 15.0 of 41.5 (36.1%)
Defensive Backs: 19.0 of 41.5 (45.8%)

Turnover Costliness

Jamar Wall INT: 2.57 points

Texas Tech
Stryker Sulak INT: 4.24 points
Carl Gettis INT: 2.41 points
William Moore INT: 1.99 points
TOTAL: 3 turnovers, 8.64 points (2.88 per T/O)

Statistical MVPs

Offense: Accounting for 9.15 points and guiding Mizzou to their highest Run Success Rate of the season, it's gotta be Jimmy Jackson.  Jeremy Maclin had back breaker, and Derrick Washington and the TE's were quite effective, but Jimmy Jackson set the tone and delivered the biggest impact.

Defense: The entire defensive unit played well, but Pig Brown made more successful plays than the entire LB corps combined.  He has been unbelievable for Mizzou this season (dropped OU INT aside), and he was omnipresent last weekend.