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Mizzou Links, 10-23-07

Here's your official release for the MU-ISU game.  Fans are once again encouraged to wear gold.  This will be the ultimate test of the 'wear gold' concept, since it's supposed to be in the 50s and most folks will have sweatshirts or something on.  Meanwhile, next week's MU-CU game will kick off at 5:30 local time.

It's Tuesday, so that means Media Day quotes! and PowerMizzou play the stenographer role.

Tuesday also means...Like Father, Unlike Son!

Gary Pinkel doesn't want to reflect on last year's ISU game (or maybe they do).  "It's 2007," and all that.  That's fine.  However, if I were him, I'd show the film of that game Friday night.  We played like ass, we lost Tony Temple to fumbles, we lost Will Franklin to a shoulder injury, and we were on the screwed end of the worst holding call of all time.  And apparently Vegas is expecting a revenge beating, as they've made MU a 28.5-point favorite.  Have we ever been that big a favorite in a Big 12 game before?

The Missourian takes a look at the team that is currently Mizzou's biggest threat in the North: Kansas.  I do have one question...I could have sworn Todd Reesing was a junior last in the hell is he a sophomore now??  (I realize the answer is, "You're a moron--he wasn't a junior last year."  I still had to ask.)

You have to be relatively insane to be a good safety, and Mizzou's got a pair of insane safeties...there's really no doubt about it.

Wichita's Chris Harper is a stud ATH, but he apparently wants a shot at QB.  Jeff Ermann catches up with him and asks him how the current QB recruiting situation (2009's Blaine Dalton is on board, and 2008's Blaine Gabbert might be at some point) might affect his view of MU.  Meanwhile, the biggest name (so far) in Mizzou's 2008 class picks up another honor.

And finally, I link to this Sunday Morning QB post for only one reason: the YouTube video of the 1994 Plano East vs John Tyler game.  Still legendary after 13 years.  Seriously...if this series of highlights were in a screenplay, they'd have been dismissed for being too unrealistic.  In fact, make sure to visit the SMQB link and all (SMQB is always great), but...I'll just go ahead and post the video here.