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Mizzou Links, 10-24-07

The big link for the day, of course, is the lovely Austin Murphy piece on Mizzou and the looser, more touchy-feely Gary Pinkel in SI.  Good story.

Boo, Cooper Castleberry.  Last year's loss to ISU still irks Monte Wyrick, the O-lineman who was called for the phantom hold on Daniel's should-have-been-game-winning TD.  Honestly, it still irks me too.  We'd have probably still gone to the Sun Bowl (and lost), so it didn't end up mattering much, but without that loss, all three regular season losses last year--OU, @ATM, @NU--would have been relatively acceptable.  The perception of Mizzou wouldn't still be "They could collapse at any time," which would be nice.

You need to read Dave Matter's Tuesday News & Notes blog post for two reasons: 1) Dave's rant on ABC's Bob Wischusen stealing a Chase Daniel quote from an old Matter article and prefacing it with "Chase told us..." and 2) Bill Callahan's insane "I've done an excellent job in every area" defense.

The Missourian keeps up its lovely series of features on not-normally-featured players...this time it's small-town O-lineman Kurtis Gregory.

Not totally sure what to make of Blaine Gabbert's canceling his official visit to Nebraska, but combined with the news that he encouraged fellow NU commit Bryce Givens to give Mizzou a shot, I can't imagine this is a bad development for MU.

California-ite Graham Watson weighs in on the ridiculous string of California fires.

If you had money on the Gold beating the Black in Mizzou's Fall World're in the money!

Big match for Mizzou Volleyball tonight at Hearnes, as they try to even the season series with #15 Kansas State and move back to .500 in conference.  Mizzou has established itself this year as a team capable of beating second-tier teams at home (first-tier teams like NU or UT are a bit untouchable for this young team), and they really need to win tonight, as their next two matches after this are at Kansas and at Nebraska.  They're 5-6 in conference, so they need to beat KSU and KU to make sure they're 7-7 after Nebraska.  Oh, and the Maneater has a nice piece on Tatum Ailes.

And finally, catch up with the undefeated Mizzou Rugby team!