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Mizzou Links, 10-25-07

It's Wednesday...Cut to the Chase time!

Congrats to Matt Eberflus, National Defensive Coordinator of the Week.  Betcha didn't think you'd see those words about a month ago...

And speaking of things you didn't expect a month ago 1) DeSmet's Wes Kemp, a Wisconsin commit, is giving Mizzou a serious look...likely because 2) Blaine Gabbert has officially decommitted from Nebraska.  This makes some sense, really.  A while back, Kemp mentioned that he thought a domino effect was possible, where one top in-state guy commits to Mizzou and the rest fall into place.  Well...then Gabbert committed to NU, and all hell broke loose.  But now the dominoes are setting themselves back up for one more go-round...and as you would expect, PowerMizzou has more on both Kemp and Gabbert...and a mailbag.

Graham Watson has a nice piece on Mizzou's defensive leader, The Pig.  Pig has some nice quotes for Dave Matter as well, in a piece about both Mizzou safeties.

The KC Star has a brief-but-nice piece on Mizzou Soccer and the adversity they've faced this season.

The Beef mentioned a awhile ago that Mizzou Volleyball's upcoming schedule was pretty brutal, and sure enough...after clawing back to 5-4 in conference, the Tigers have now been swept at home in three straight matches, all by Top 15 teams.  This time it was K-State's turn to sweep Mizzou (30-23, 30-19, 30-27)...they only outblocked Mizzou 10-7 and outdug them 62-58...but when you get 60 kills to your opponents' 38?  Yeah, you probably won.  Next up: a road trip to Lawrence, where Mizzou really needs payback for their 5-set home loss earlier this season.  They're now 5-7 in conference.

It's relatively official: Thomas Gardner, Chicago Bull.  And if basketball's your thing (basket...ball?), Steve Walentik's got some Big 12 news & notes for you.

And finally, a sordid tale of football, RBI Baseball, daughters, and Axis &'s the History of Victory Whiskey!  Personally, I prefer a victory Capital Brewery (or, in its absence, Newcastle or a Flat Branch growler), but that's just me...