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Breaking News: Results of Big XII Cross Country Championships

Yeah...I know...I dropped the ball on the Monday Musings this week.  I had it about all typed out, but then hit something and all of a sudden, my text box was empty.  Oh well...I will return this Monday.

Anyway, click 'Full Story' for the results of the 2007 Big XII X-Country Championships...

For the Men:
Colorado does like they always do and takes the top spot, with Okie State taking 2nd.  For Mizzou, the men placed 9th, with Dan Hedgecock topping the charts for the Tigers in 18th.  kansas finished the race in 10th, giving Mizzou 1 point in the Border War.

For the Women:
Colorado also takes the women's title, with host TTech coming in 2nd.  For Mizzou, they placed 10th on the day, but ahead of both kansas and kansas State, giving the Tigers another point in the Border War.  The top finisher for Mizzou on the day was freshman Kinsey Farren in 26th place.

Updated Border War
Mizzou: 2 points (Men's and Women's X-country)
kansas: 1.5 points (Volleyball)

Still to come this weekend....women's swimming (1.5 points) and volleyball (1.5 points)