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Mizzou Links, 10-28-07

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As always, certain storylines emerged yesterday as the Tigers took back the Telephone can pretty much guess what they are...

Official recap and box score.

Pork Requiem.  From Joe Walljasper: Tigers left with mixed emotions.  The Post-Dispatch, KC Star, Missourian, and PowerMizzou have more.  And you've gotta love this...

"He hobbled his little butt into the locker room and said we needed to step up without him," nose tackle Lorenzo Williams said. "He said, ‘Don’t cry for me.’ "

Mizzou avoids letdown.  Bryan Burwell is loving him some Gary Pinkel this year...he's written a number of complimentary columns, and this one is no exception.  Dave Matter says there are no apologies necessary.  Blair Kerkhoff says the exact same thing in column form.

Third downs.  Steve Walentik points out the obvious: "Missouri defense takes a step back."  From the Missourian: Third downs cause trouble for Tiger defense.

Cyclones improving.  "Now, this is what Iowa State coach Gene Chizik envisioned when he started in Ames." (Ames Tribune), Maligned Cyclones offense controls clock, but falters (Des Moines Register), Inspired effort goes awry again for Cyclones (Des Moines Register), and a redux post from our SBN counterpart at Clone Chronicles.

Other news and notes: Questions & Answers (Trib), Game Notes (Trib), Larry Smith Gets an Internet! (KC Star), Tailgate displays stuffed tiger collection (Missourian...our boy MT was all over this last week).

Report Cards.  Post-Dispatch, PowerMizzou.