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Mizzou Links, 10-30-07

Here's your official MU-CU release.  Interesting stuff about the North's toughest remaining schedules.  Suck it up and get ready, Tiger's going to be a stressful month.  Oh, and has Pinkel's Media Day quotes as does Dave Matter, who throws in an interview with Rex "Miyagi" Sharp as well.

Monday means Like Father, Unlike Son!

Gotta love this quote from a Trib story about Pig Brown (The Missourian also has a 'Pig to travel with team' does the KC Star...and Post-Dispatch...and PowerMizzou):

"He’s bubbly. He’s upbeat. He’s positive," Pinkel said. "He’s just got a lot of energy. He talks that way. He acts that way. He played that way. ... They were making T-shirts up for him, Pig T-shirts. It was kind of turning into something very special. His personality is such that when we you see him getting interviewed, along with being a great player, you just walk away and say, ‘I like that guy.’ "

Enough about Pig: the Missouri offense might get some downfield shots against Colorado this week.  They alternate coverages a lot and try to confuse you, but I'll take my chances.

Nice...the Missourian takes a look at the last time Mizzou was in the Top 10...even interviewing Warren Powers.  Graham Watson does a little reminiscing as well.

Bryan Burwell writes another dreamy Mizzou column!'s going to take a while to get used to this...

Behind Enemy Lines has, uhh, changed its stripes a little.  Good to know there's room for two mortal enemies in the world.

The Star has the latest on Darryl Butterfield.  It's hard to come up with anything to say about this, really.  It really sucks what he (allegedly) did, and if he played for a team I disliked, I'd be saying he should be kicked off the team and yadda yadda yadda.  But he seems genuinely remorseful, and everybody deserves a second chance, so...yeah...let's just move on.

Finally...The Beef did a little speculating yesterday in regard to who would start at certain weights for Mizzou The Trib and Missourian do the same.