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Mizzou Links, Halloweeeeeeeeen.... takes a look at what happens to hot offenses at Folsom Field.

Another day, another round of Pig Brown stories.  This time: "Tigers try to fill in the blank" (The Trib), "Moving on without Pig Brown" (Inside Mizzou).

When Sean Weatherspoon is smoking RBs on the field, just know that he's not forgetting to have fun.

Sounds like we won't be wondering where Will Franklin went for too long.  He'll be really involved really long as teams don't continue to double-team him, anyway.  I have to figure they change their focus to Maclin at some point...

The Mizzou Basketball B&G Game took place on a Tuesday night, which seems a little strange...Demarre Carroll (gunshot victim and YOUR Big 12 Newcomer of the Year) led the way with 29 points (on just 19 shots) and 11 boards as the Black team of Carroll, Keon Lawrence, Jason Horton, Marshall Brown, Justin Safford, Mike Anderson Jr., and Marcus Watkins (?) beat the Gold team of J.T. Tiller (24 points), Leo Lyons, Zaire Taylor, Vaidatos Volkus, Matt Lawrence (7-for-11 on 3's), and T.J. Cleveland (?), 101-95.  Stefhon Hannah sat out...not suspended, but not allowed to play...weird.  The Trib has the latest on Darryl Butterfield and a good feature on Vaidatos Volkus, who will get much more playing time this year than I'm comfortable with him getting!  The Missourian takes a look at the Mizzou big men in general ('big' being a subjective term).

Here's your official release for Mizzou Soccer's Friday night regular season finale in Lawrence.

Other thoughts...

 Entering this season, Gary Pinkel teams had the reputation of struggling down the stretch against iffy teams and failing to meet expectations after raising them early in the season.'d you like to be a UCLA fan right now?  Beat Cal, lose (in dominating fashion) to're 4-1 in conference but you've gotten thumped by Utah, Wazzu, and Notre Dame.  They're like the most extreme of the Pinkel years, times 100.

 This appears to be another year where a Plus One playoff would be absolutely perfect.  I haven't brought up the 'P' word on this blog before, and I guess I'll go ahead and break the seal.  I'm getting really tired of the Kirk Herbstreit's of the world telling me that LSU should get a shot at the BCS title game before Boston College.  BC has beaten everybody on their schedule; LSU hasn't.  If I were in charge of the BCS formula (which I, as a whole, like...though I would like it more if it were used to pick the top four teams, not the top 2), I'd make losses worth 3x more.  LSU was very inconsistent for the better part of a month, but because they're "LSU", they hop BC?  I don't think so.

This will all work itself out when BC loses some time over the next month, of course.  They've got two tricky home games and two tough road games remaining, and they'll probably crack at some will Arizona State and probably Kansas...and at least one 1-loss team will find themselves in the championship game, but I'll be all sorts of pissed if an LSU team that spent half the season underachieving gets a crack at the title over an undefeated team who didn't.

And of course, if there were a Plus One, this wouldn't be a concern (though I'd still make losses count 3x more...I really don't want a 2-loss team slipping into the 4th slot).