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As rptgwb's diary on the side suggests, Every True Son and Mizzou Sanity have joined forces (so to speak) to bring you Rock M Nation.  We are thrilled to join Sports Blog Nation, and we hope to continue the level of brilliance, wit, and sheer genius (ahem) that got us here.  We'd love it if you registered for the site, started a diary, commented on every post, et cetera, et cetera.  We've got high hopes for this site, and we've posted a couple of recent ETS and Sanity posts so you can see what kind of content you're in for here.

Here's what I said when I started Mizzou Sanity:

What I hope you'll see from this blog (and a lot of this depends on who else I can get to sign on here) is far-too-in-depth analysis of Mizzou sports (all Mizzou sports, including lots about wrestling, baseball, and volleyball), combined with a pretty strong look at the Big XII and a general look at college sports as a whole.

That still sounds pretty good to me.  So kick back, join in on the discussion, and...screw Nebraska!