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Mizzou Baseball Black & Gold Game

If you're looking for something to do on Friday evening while waiting for whatever MU sporting event might happen to be taking place on Saturday night, stop by Taylor Stadium for the annual Black & Gold Scout's Day Game.

This is an intrasquad game that's held every fall.  The NCAA rules allow a baseball program to hold a "Scout's Day" game for the scouts to come and see the players.  If it's like it has been in the past, each pitcher on the roster will see 1 inning of work, regadless of how well he does, and each position player will play for a while in the game.  It's a good opportunity to get a first look at this year's squad, including Aaron Crow, who Baseball America named this week as the #2 college junior prospect for the 2008 Draft.

MU Baseball will also have their Mizzou Fall World Series, a best-of-5 intrasquad series, which begins October 18th.   Detailed scheduled at and