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Mizzou Links, 10-5-07

Eventually I plan to use the Mizzou logo in place of bullets, but I, uhh, haven't mastered posting pictures yet.  So for now you still get bullets.

  • Here's the KC Star's MU-NU breakdown.  And PowerMizzou's.
  • Reason #1158 why blogs are a great thing: Dave Matter interviews Larry Smith about the 10th anniversary of the Flea Kicker.  Good to see he's still doing alright.  Great is the Corby Jones interview.  But then Matter has to go and ruin it by interviewing Evil Scum Scott Frost in the same post.  Is it good for me to carry lingering irrational bitterness from a game 10 years ago?
  • That was Blogger Matter.  Journalist Matter takes a look at the Mizzou O-line, a unit that has been "comfortably anonymous" since the Illinois game.
  • Vahe Gregorian's a busy man.  Not only did his ridiculously good Jeremy Maclin piece hit the NY Times yesterday, but he also put out a pretty decent "NU struggling to retain its edge" piece as well.
  • Mike Dearmond points out something we already knew but didn't really want to talk about--Mizzou doesn't usually have a problem starting fast or building up to those expectations is an entirely different matter.
  • The Missourian takes a look at 10 things you didn't know about Nebraska.  Can't say I really needed to know any of these things, and I already knew #3, 6, 8, and 9, but hey...
  • The Missourian has a more interesting story as well: the evolution of Truman the Tiger.
  • Man oh man, a FULL slate of activities for Saturday...looking for something to do between the 2pm volleyball game and the 8:15(ish) MU-NU kickoff?  Try a nice 5pm wrestling scrimmage!  Throw in a nice 10am basketball scrimmage or something, and that's the greatest Mizzou day ever!
  • And finally, now that the 2008 class is full, it's time to start looking at future classes.  Inside Mizzou takes a (free) look at Phil Pressey, a diminutive HS sophomore from Cushing Academy (MA).