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Mizzou Links, 10-9-07

It's Tuesday, so that means we've got plenty of Monday Media Day coverage.  Dave Matter summarizes (loved the Quarterback Chase Daniel had some interesting comments on Nebraska’s defensive game plan. Let’s just say he was a big fan" line). has the quotes.  PowerMizzou's got quotes, coverage, and a 'first look' at Oklahoma.  And Gabe points out that Mizzou thinks they're going to win this weekend.

"You thrive off of and know we’re going to a hostile environment to play the #5 team in the nation. So what? Who cares? It’s what Missouri does nowadays. It’s what we do. We put ourselves in this position. We want to be in this position. So what? Just go out there and play football."

The Missourian points out that some Tigers could set some records this year.  Martin Rucker could break the TE receptions in a season record (it's 90, he's on pace for 98 or more), Chase Coffman could break the TE receptions in a career record (he's projected to need only about 50 after this season), and Jeremy Maclin could shatter the season all-purpose yards record (it's 2,026, and he's on pace for about 2,700). Paces can change quickly--it just takes one or two down games--but it's fun to think about right now, that's for damn sure.

The Trib's Joel Erickson nicely summarizes what was the longest gameday ever...the length of the day made it more impressive that so many Mizzou fans--almost all of them--stayed all the way to the end of the game.  The Missourian mentions that cops had to be pretty pleasantly surprised with the lack of gameday chaos.

Vahe Gregorian could have turned his "Mizzou reveling in success and fame" article into a nice (and predictable) "Mizzou due for a letdown" article, but he resisted.  Well done.  And meanwhile, the alternate universe continues to take shape, as a P-D columnist (Burwell) has nothing but nice things to say about Gary Pinkel.

Belleville, IL, running back Jason Ford, an Iowa commit, was apparently impressed enough with Mizzou's performance last weekend that he's going to give the Tigers a shot.

Hopefully Mike Dearmond's right--Mizzou's going to need Dave Christensen to come up with plenty more tricks.  Meanwhile, also from the Star, Derrick Washington might be getting his moment in the spotlight, as Tony Temple's not going to be 100%.

Baseball America has ranked 2007 recruiting classes, and Mizzou's came in at #11.  Patience has paid off for Tim Jamieson...he and his program just get better every year.

Old Hawthorne has been very kind to Mizzou Women's Golf so far.

Offense was the name of the game in Columbia this week.  Not only did Chase Daniel win Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week, Mizzou Volleyball's Weiwen "Wendy" Wang did the same.  That's what happens when you hit .527 for the week and almost completely avoid errors.  The Missourian has a nice article on Wang and her 'warrior mentality'.