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Sunday Poll Watch

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Happy Sunday morning to the masses and welcome to another edition of the Sunday Poll Watch.

How high can Mizzou climb? Photo courtesy Sarah Becking

As the morning progresses, follow the story link for updates and analysis as each poll is released. Leave us your feedback on how you see the polls and where you think Missouri will be and where they ought to be.

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Update [2007-11-11 11:5:42 by rptgwb]: Here's how I see it:

  1. LSU
  1. Oregon
  1. Kansas
  1. Oklahoma
  1. Missouri
  1. West Virginia
  1. Ohio State
  1. Georgia
  1. Arizona State
  1. Virginia Tech

Couple of questions:

  • Does KU finally move ahead of Oklahoma?
  • Who wins the LSU/Oregon battle?
  • How do voters differentiate Mizzou and West Virginia?
  • How far does Ohio State fall?
  • Does ASU get punished for barely surviving UCLA?

Update [2007-11-11 12:59:52 by rptgwb]: Polls should be rolling out here shortly...

Update [2007-11-11 13:8:20 by rptgwb]: Coaches poll out here.

  • Missouri moves up to No. 6, one above last week's Greatest Team in All the Land, Ohio State. The Tigers remain behind West Virginia, who earned a first-place vote.
  • OU still gets the nod over Kansas, although the Jawhawks secure more first place votes.
  • LSU does indeed take the top spot by a 50-point margin.
  • Texas moves to No. 11, inching closer to stealing a BCS spot.
  • We welcome back Illinois to the Top 25 at No. 21, giving Mizzou's non-conference schedule some bite again.

Update [2007-11-11 14:0:9 by rptgwb]: The AP poll can be found here.

  • Missouri keeps the unanimous AP/Coaches streak alive, checking in at No. 6 in this week's polls.
  • OU remains ahead of Kansas, at No. 3 and No. 4, respectively.
  • West Virginia barely edged out Mizzou for No. 5. The first place vote WVU received may have been enough to put them ahead.
  • LSU takes No. 1, but by a smaller margin than in the Coaches Poll.
  • In "teams we suddenly care about" news, Texas sits at No. 12 and Illinois sits at No. 20.