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Mizzou Links, 11-11-07

I was very torn last night, watching Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit set records for the number of times saying "undefeated" and "great team" and "no superstars" and "I'm so impressed with Kansas" in one broadcast (making up for two months of ignoring them, I presume).  

The homer part of me wanted OSU to beat them (because screw KU)...

The scarred Mizzou fan part of me wanted OSU to beat them (because I would love it if next week's game in Manhattan were to have no impact in the North race...just in case something crazy happens)...

The growing-slowly-cocky part of me wanted KU to win (because beating them in Arrowhead would be even tastier if they were ranked #2 in the country or something)...

In the end, the homer part of me won out, and I was pretty pissed that Bowman got hurt and OSU had to attempt a comeback with a bunch of freshman WRs (and almost pulled it off for a while), and that KU still hasn't truly had to taste a true haymaker this year, but...I'm giving the cocky part of me its day in the sun now.  Bring it on, K-State!  Bring it on, Beakers!  Bring it on, Mizzou Links!

As always, we'll start with the official recap and box score.

Aside from rptgwb's late-morning Poll Watch, the big news from yesterday didn't come from the field, but from the stands/locker room/practice facility...wherever it was exactly that Blaine Gabbert took his love-hate-love relationship with Mizzou (and its fans) to a new level by committing to play for the Tigers.

And now on to the themes for the day...

Senior Day.  Enjoying the Moment (Trib), Rucker gets a lift (Post-Dispatch).

Tight game.  'Hunted' Tigers chase away Aggies (Post-Dispatch), Tigers edge Aggies late in the game (Missourian), Late drive lifts Missouri past Texas A&M (KC Star), Aggies' hard-fought effort falls short against Tigers (San Antonio Express-News), 'A' for effort, but another 'L' for Aggies (Dallas Morning News).

Tony Temple does it for Grandma.  Temple the heart inside Mizzou's win (KC Star), Temple at his best after tough stretch, Temple unable to savor final home game as Tiger (Missourian), Sad news (Post-Dispatch).

Daniel in the Heisman race.  Daniel makes case for prize (Trib), Mizzou plans to boost Daniel's Heisman campaign (Post-Dispatch).

Mizzou Pride!  MU fans say winning season has improved school spirit (Missourian).

Grades.  Tiger grade card (PowerMizzou), Grading the team (Post-Dispatch).

News & Notes.  Game Notes (Trib), Questions & Answers (Trib).