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Poll Watch Open Thread

I'll be on the road to Texas Stadium for Cowboys/Redskins here in a little bit, but since I'll be missing out on the Sunday Poll Watch this week, I wanted to open up the forum to Rock M Nation to predict, analyze, and react when the polls are released around 1:00 CST.

Couple of questions:

  • How close does KU (sans a loss) get to LSU in the computer rankings?
  • Does the OU loss hurt Mizzou, or did the Oregon loss offset the need for that highly-ranked win?
  • Who would you rather face in the Big 12 title game: OU or Texas? The bigger question: Does Sam Bradford play in the next two weeks?
  • Does MU jump WVU in the human polls?
  • How far do Oregon and OU fall?
  • How does Ohio State factor into all of this?
  • What are your thoughts on bowl projections?