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Mizzou Links, 11-18-07

So I like the Steelers, but it was good to see the J-E-T-S win in OT last night.  Not because The Beef is a Jets fan (he was probably rooting for a loss to improve draft stauts), but because Brad Smith dropped a game-winning TD late in the fourth quarter...

Fittingly, in a week where the biggest MU-KU game ever, in any sport, is taking place, eyes were on Norm Stewart yesterday.  He was inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame in Kansas City.  I entered Mizzou just in time to build up a few Norm stories of my own, and I'm very thankful for that...I'm sure my stories will come out throughout basketball season, especially now that Norm has developed into a phenomenally entertaining color commentator.  He's also a great's a fantastic interview with The Trib's Joe Walljasper.  And while we're at it, here's Mike Dearmond's take on Norm's big weekend.

Our buddy Atchison had this to say when Norm's induction was announced in April.  Also, here's the official release for tonight's Mizzou-Michigan State CBE Classic semifinal (the Missourian has a preview as well).

Mizzou Soccer followed up their 2OT-shootout win over SEMO Friday night by going to double OT again on Sunday against USC in the second round of the NCAAs.  Unfortunately they couldn't pull it out, as the #8 Trojans scored in the 105th minute and took the game, 1-0.  Helluva season for the really, really young Tigers.

Now, football...

I assume this will be a daily feature this week, but the KC Star has a 'Great Moments in Border War History' feature today...and has to dig back to 1909.  Meanwhile, KU regrets agreeing to have this game in Kansas City instead of Lawrence.  YA THINK???

For his 143 receiving yards, two TD's, and the first kick return TD for Mizzou in 25 years, Jeremy Maclin was named National Offensive Player of the Week.  Am thinking it's not the last time he wins that award.

Yesterday, I mentioned that K-State was my new favorite North rival after their fans chanted "Beat KU" to Mizzou players after the game.  I also mentioned that I still didn't like Ron Prince (and that was reinforced by the fact that he tore a DT's redshirt off on Game #11), but he's trying his damnedest to ingratiate himself to me...

"This is a terrific team," he added. "Coach Pinkel has done a great job. He's got my vote for coach of the year for sure. I don't think anyone can question the type of team he's put together. I've got a lot of respect for him and how he does things and his coaching staff and the team that they have. ... This is clearly the best team that we've played so far ths year."

Dave Matter empties the KSU notebook on Behind the Stripes...notes about the BCS standings (no idea how we gained ground in the voter polls and lost ground in the computer polls...the P-D has more on does Sunday Morning QB), the punting game, and the Heisman race.

Finally, some good will come from the impending Armageddon at Arrowhead: the Border War Showdown Virtual Food Drive.  Pretty cool.