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Mizzou Links, 11-2-07

UPDATE, 8:37am: New link at bottom.

It's The Chamber!  For PowerMizzou subscribers, this is what it means to truly live.

Inside Mizzou's Jeff Ermann talks about Mizzou's "winter jinx".  So does Mike Dearmond, who has a nice Will Franklin quote: "History is history.  You don't have to repeat it."  So there you go.

And here, Mike Dearmond writes a story he never thought he'd be writing: a piece about how Top 10 teams KU and MU are attempting to stay grounded.

Dave matter discusses the safety-by-committee approach Mizzou will be employing Saturday.  Del Howard?  Justin Garrett?  Hardy Ricks?  Kevin Rutland?  Come on down!  Matter also plays this week's game of What's the Rush?

The Missourian takes a look at the "buffed up" Buffs and how they've begun the bounce-back process this season.

Graham Watson looks at the matchups for Saturday...and they're decidedly pro-Mizzou.  Gabe does the same and sees things a little more evenly matched.  But really, you don't need to read position-by-position matchups (though you should still read mine this afternoon, obviously)...all you need to read is The Good, Bad, and Sleazy.

Mizzou Volleyball has a must-win matchup against a suddenly hot Baylor team tonight at Hearnes...a win would bump Mizzou to 7-8 in conference, but Baylor's won five in a row.  Mizzou's lost four of five, but all four losses have come to Top 15 teams.  The Missourian has a nice look at the Tigers and their near-miss in Lincoln Wednesday.

And a couple non-Mizzou links...

I guess Ed Orgeron is done at Ole Miss.  He got what nobody wants--a show of support from a university executive.  That never results in anything positive.

The Dot Com has a nice piece on Turner Gill and the unlikely success he has brought to Buffalo this season.  Something tells me that, considering a) Tom Osborne was a groomsman in Gill's wedding, and b) nobody in the MAC is good for more than one year at a time anymore, Gill will be moving west in 1-2 months.

My brother-from-another-mother Dale has passed along this link from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune about the success of KU ("no fluke") and MU ("long overdue").  Good read...and a great name for a reporter.