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Live Thread: Kansas

Judgment Day Cometh:

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Who: No. 2 Kansas Jayhawks vs. No. 3 Missouri Tigers
Where: Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo.
When: 7:00 p.m. CST
Line: Kansas by 2.0


Radio: Tiger Network (Mike Kelly, John Kadlec, Chris Gervino)
TV: ABC HD (Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit)
Weather: Hour-by-hour forecast
Online trackers: CSTV, ESPN
SB Nation affiliate: Rock Chalk Talk
AND - don't forget - ESPN's College Gameday is town:

Who: Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso, Desmond Howard
What: College Gameday on ESPN HD
When: 9:00-11:00 a.m. CST
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Fight Tigers!

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7:01 - First chill moment of the evening already. God bless Brent Musburger's melodrama. Love that guy.

7:03 - Brent just said "Let this sink in" for the second time already. Oh, and Chase looks really cocky right now. My wife even noticed that.

Speaking of my wife, she has the early candidate for line of the night: "Tim Tebow's like the Hillary Clinton of college football players. The media decided he was going to win a few weeks ago, and there's nothing he could do to change that."

Well said...though I will say that Tebow has done nothing to change anybody's mind in the last couple games.

7:04 - Screw you, Perry Farrell.

7:08 - And screw you, Craig James. "Mizzou has a great offense, but when I talked to Mark Mangino early this week, he said he thought they can stop them." Brilliant analysis.

7:09 - Uh pants...KANSAS HAS NO CHANCE!!

7:13 - Here we go. Gggh...still not mentally prepared for this. Missouri to receive...had no idea that was coming...

7:14 - Maclin takes the up a huge hole in the middle...and trips over Earl Goldsmith near the 40.

7:15 - I don't know what it is, but Arrowhead's grass is extremely recognizable. I'd know where this game is even if I didn't know where this game is.

7:15 - Two quick passes, and we've got our first third down of the game...third-and-8. KU's defense is quite strong in the first quarter, so I'm predicting a stop here.

7:16 - DAMN...jinx didn't work. Daniel had Saunders open, but it was a really tough touch pass and floated over Saunders' head. Mizzou to punt. Cross your fingers.

7:17 - Sweet! Decent punt by Crossett, and Webb is tackled after a loss of about 10 on the return. KU will start at their 18.

7:18 - I really do think KU will start fast...but a quick three-and-out would be phenomenal. Starts well, as Mizzou eats up the option on first down.

7:19 - Dexton Fields with a drop (he was about to get crushed by Carl Gettis), and it's 3rd-and-9 for KU. Big play early.

7:19 - Three and out for KU! Maclin calls fair catch, and we've got our first TV timeout.

7:22 - My wife just called Kansas "stupid dumbasses" for driving in from Lawrence today and getting stuck in traffic. EVERYBODY'S FIRED UP TONIGHT!

7:23 - Tough run by Temple, followed by another eaten-up pass to Maclin. Let's not go to the well too often early there. Third-and-9 for Mizzou.

7:23 - Daniel scrambles for a couple yards, and Mizzou will punt again. Nice coverage early for KU. Like I said, they're a great Q1 team.

7:25 - William Moore with a fantastic run blitz, stopping McAnderson in the backfield on first down.

7:26 - Third-and-3 for KU...the first makeable third down of the game for either team.

7:26 - Jinx worked! Reesing had to double-clutch and threw a bad pass. Four punts to start the game...that's what everybody predicted, right?

7:27 - First big play of the game...not surprisingly, it's Jeremy Maclin on the punt return. That kid's not bad. Mizzou inside the KU 40!

7:28 - Saunders with a TOUGH catch-and-run for a first down. Mizzou to the 20.

7:29 - Matt Winer breaks in to tell us how great Tim Tebow was today. My wife is NOT impressed, lol.

7:29 - Two more touches for Maclin (don't wear him out!), and it brings up a 3rd-and-5 for Mizzou at the 15. Nevermind...personal foul on Will Franklin. 'Kay. Third-and-20.

7:30 - Oh that's crap. Talib baited him into that...the refs only saw Franklin push back. Meanwhile, Alexander is tackled short of the first. Wolfert on for the FG.

7:31 - That was a stupid fake. Quick pass to Franklin, but there were four guys waiting for him. Might have worked on 4th-and-2, but...don't run fakes on 4th-and-12. We really just needed points there. Momentum back to KU.

7:32 - Third-and-short for KU. EXTREMELY makeable (ahem). Kirk likes the fake FG because it shows Mizzou is being the aggressor. I just wanted the points.

7:33 - Jinx unsuccessful...McAnderson with the first down.

7:34 - Quickly, another third down for KU. Third-and-6 from the KU 40. Less than 5 minutes left in Q1...

7:34 - Fields got Moore tangled up and on the ground, but he couldn't find the ball, and it's another KU punt. Another Maclin fair catch.

7:38 - Brent does NOT like the fake FG call...especially since it was 4th-and-10+. I like the risk-taking...I just don't like it there.

7:39 - Another nice run by Temple. Keep it up, Tony.

7:40 - KU eats up the O-line on the option, and Daniel is wise in not pitching it and eating the five-yard loss.

7:40 - Danario Alexander to midfield! Best sixth option in the country.

7:41 - ANOTHER big Temple run...MAN does he love a) November, and b) playing Kansas. Meanwhile, my wife just realized she's even more nervous than I am at the moment. I found myself a good one.

7:42 - Alexander gets the first down on a DEBACLE of a double reverse. Wow, that should not have worked, but Alexander somehow snuck his 6'5 frame through about 8 tackles.

7:43 - Saunders with a gorgeous inside screen to the 5, but he fumbles. Yes, we recovered, but I'm pretty sure my wife's about to vomit. And it's not even the second quarter yet. First and goal.

7:44 - Goldsmith?? Uhh...what happened to Jimmy Jackson and Derrick Washington? Wasted down. And my wife just said she's thinking of taking up smoking. Second-and-goal.

7:44 - Third-and-goal as Maclin barely missed a nice TD catch. And now he's shaken up...kinda carrying himself like a separated shoulder. Seriously, wife about to vomit.

7:45 - Temple with a lovely run down to the 1...and I pretty much guarantee we're going for it. Hoo boy.

7:46 - Inside screen to Motherrucker for the TD on fourth-and-goal. Deep exhalation. He bobbled it for a second, but that play has worked every damn time this season. 7-0 Mizzou. Buckle up.

7:49 - Dell has hired Burt Reynolds to sell computers. I LOVE it. Reminds me of when my roommate dressed up as Burt for costume ever, other than my 2002 attempt at Anna Nicole, of course.

7:50 - My wife: "Apparently I hate Kansas." Welcome to the Mizzou family, dear. Now say "Quantrill half-assed it," and I'll go shoe-shopping with you any time you want.

7:51 - Another nice stop on first down for Mizzou...KU's a first-down offense. Big gains on first set up makeable plays on second- and third-downs, and they're not getting that so far.

7:51 - End of Q1. Thank god. I've got to effing pee.

7:54 - And I'm back. We should be up 10-0, but I have to say I'm extremely pleased so far. I mentioned that I'd be paying attention to

7:55 - I take every compliment back. Kerry Meier with a 40-yard reception. Mixed-up coverage...I think Del Howard screwed up again.

7:55 - William Moore for Defensive Player of the Year!! ANOTHER huge INT for Willy Mo. Wow, wow, wow. Reesing is stunned. His first INT in 213 pass attempts...Chase's record of 254 is safe.

7:57 - Okay, they're reviewing to see if Moore's momentum carried him into the endzone or if he could have pulled up. Nevermind. He INT'd it at the 2, and even though his momentum carried him into the endzone, it's Mizzou's ball at the 2. Didn't know that was the rule.

7:58 - Temple with ANOTHER huge run, this one to the 20. My oh my is he on his game tonight.

7:59 - Jimmy Jackson out past the 35! As Brent just said, we are GASHING them on the ground tonight. And I'm using a GABE DEARMOND level of capital letters tonight.

8:00 - Danario Alexander with another strong catch-and-run, and it's first down near midfield.

8:02 - Thrust nunchuk upward! First down at the KU 38, and Chase Daniel is 12-for-15.

8:03 - After Jimmy Jackson is eaten up in the backfield and Will Franklin gets a short catch, it's 3rd-and-12 for Mizzou at the 40. Here comes the blitz.

8:04 - Or not. Chase led Franklin a bit too much, and he is crushed. Mizzou to punt. Good stand by KU. Nevermind! Defensive Holding! First down!

8:05 - My wife just noticed that the lower half of Mangino's face matches his blue jacket.

8:06 - ANOTHER big catch by Alexander...4 catches for 60 yards already. Secret get the idea we were holding off on throwing the ball to him until the time was right.

8:06 - First-and-goal, and Temple is tackled behind the line of scrimmage. KU has fixed the holes in its run D.

8:07 - Daniel throws it away under pressure, and it's third-and-goal from the 12.

8:08 - God, do I love Chase Daniel. He scrambled back to the freaking 34 yard line, ran to the 20, and found a wide-open Alexander for a TD. 14-0 Mizzou, and I hope people haven't already cast their vote for Tim Tebow. Watch Chase for a couple more games first. Golden freaking watermelon balls of freaking fury.

8:11 - KU will take over just past the 30 after another high directional kick. I like it...keep the ball out of Herford's hands.

8:12 - Hello, Carl Peterson!

8:12 - Del Howard with a nice hit on Dezmon Briscoe downfield, but Briscoe held on to the ball.. KU to the Mizzou 36.

8:13 - Wow...the Chiefs kick off at Arrowhead at noon. Didn't realize that. My apologies to everybody who steps in a divot tomorrow.

8:13 - Third-and-4 from the 30...Reesing throws incomplete, but Gettis held Marcus Henry. Bummer.

8:15 - McAnderson has to dance to get 4 yards...I do like how the D-line is playing so far...but last time I said that, KU immediately completed a long pass, so I take it back.

8:15 - Third-and-6 from the 16 after a pass deflection. NNNNNNNNOONAN!

8:16 - Pass bounces off of Briscoe's hands (or shoulder pads), and KU will settle for the FG. Kick all the FG's you want tonight, Mangino.

8:17 - Off the upright, and it's still 14-0!!

8:18 - Just got a call from a buddy who's going stir crazy watching the game by himself at home. He's going out at halftime.

8:21 - This has the scent of one of those "Mizzou takes this possession off" possessions...a hold, followed by a short Temple run and a short Coffman catch, and it's 3rd-and-12. Just don't make a mistake.

8:22 - Jinx successful! Rucker for 15 and a first down!

8:23 - Tommy Saunders to the KU 45! Chase is 18-for-22 for 161.

8:24 - Temple with a GORGEOUS 5-yard run. He was cut off deep in the backfield, spun a couple times, and made something positive out of that. 9 carries, 68 yards for TT.

8:24 - Third-and-4, and Franklin gets about 3...gotta figure we go for it again. Aggressive coaching, baby.

8:25 - Fourth-and-1...and we shouldn't have tried the Rucker screen again. That was the most predictable playcall available, and KU makes the stop. Not quite the throatstomp I was hoping for.

8:28 - Alright, defense. Time to make a play.

8:28 - Okay, I meant it was time to make a GOOD play. Long pass to Fields, and Sulak roughed Reesing. First down at the Mizzou 16 already. Crap.

8:29 - Two deflected passes (one almost picked), and it's third-and-10. I guess if anybody knows how to defend against a short QB, it's Mizzou. Force another field goal, boys.

8:30 - Sulak with a huge sack-and-strip...KU recovers, but it's a tougher FG now. A 44-yarder.

8:31 - Another miss!!! Still 14-0!! Webb's going to be a headcase from here on out.

8:35 - Once again, Chase Daniel scrambles out of trouble...getting the first down and avoiding a hit. LOVE that guy. First downs: MU 15, KU 6.

8:36 - First relatively poor pass for Chase since the Saunders overthrow. Rivera could have picked it if he were a step faster. On second down, Daniel is sacked, and it's third-and-long. Less than a minute left in the half.

8:36 - Temple is run out of bounds, and Mizzou will punt with 0:18 left in the half. Feels weird not scoring in the two-minute drill. But let's just go in up 14-0 at this mistakes now.

8:38 - Another boomer...downed at the 14 with :07 left. KU will presumably down it and go into the locker room with a goose egg. Mangino is stoic and misunderstands the question from Random Female Sideline Reporter. Back in a bit.

8:40 - Oh wait...I have to hear what Craig James has to say. Daniel is confident. Got it. Flutie has noticed how physical Missouri has played. And NOW I'll be back in a bit...I guess in rptgwb's second-half open thread...